Girl Sentenced To Jail Time Over McDonald’s Sweet And Sour Sauce Stabbing

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McDonald's sweet and sour sauce
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A teenage girl was sentenced to the maximum time in juvenile detention after a dispute over a McDonald’s sweet and sour sauce turned fatal.

Girl stabs friend over McDonald’s sweet and sour sauce

16-year-old Naima Liggon lost her life at the hands of a friend following a raucous house party they attended together last August in Washington, D.C. Liggon was stabbed to death by the other girl over a packet of the condiment.

Prosecutors were blunt in their assessment that the convicted 16-year-old displayed a disturbing lack of regret post-crime, as evidenced by her text messages.

They also point out how the girl could have easily re-entered McDonald’s for extra sweet and sour sauce, instead of escalating to the issue to a life ending assault.

But the defense painted a different picture, one of a girl lashing out in self-defense as she faced an ambush, all while grappling with unresolved trauma from her past.

Teenager’s family devastated that a feud over McDonald’s sweet and sour sauce ended daughter’s life

The heartache of Naima’s mother, Joy Liggon, was palpable in a candid interview with WRC-TV right outside the halls of justice.

“I don’t know what this young lady went through,” she stated. “I don’t know what her life experience was, but I know she committed a crime, and she took someone away from my family.”

Her father, Wallace Liggon, joined in, the hurt clear in his words, “That she called a friend.”

Joy acknowledged a sense of relief over the sentence, which will see the offender locked up until her 21st birthday, but stressed it wasn’t adequate. She had pressed for a first-degree murder charge, but the prosecutors had opted for a plea deal.

“You have to realize that your kids have free will and free choice to do what they want, so just keep encouraging them to do the right thing,” she advised.

“Walk away from conflict. Some things are just not that serious — definitely sweet and sour sauce.”

The remorse, or lack thereof, came into question as the teenager addressed the Liggons in court. “Sorry to the friends and family. I am sorry to cause you this pain,” she told them.

“I still think about the victim and I want to apologize to Naima’s mother. I am a genuine person and I’m not bad.”

McDonald’s sweet and sour sauce isn’t the only item causing brawls at the fast food joint

McDonald’s is becoming notorious for wild brawls between customers and staff members.

An insane incident happened at a High Point, North Carolina, franchise when trainee manager Latoya Gladney, 44, wound up calling her husband over unruly staff at her franchise.

Her husband, Pastor Dwayne Wayden, promptly showed up, tossed his preacher’s compassion aside, and landed punches on cook Theodore Garlington’s face.

Wayden even shoved Garlington’s head towards blazing-hot fryers, police say, before employees could stop him. The cook had contusions and scratches to show for this overheated encounter after Wayden’s rampage.

Wayden, who moonlights as a truck driver, was arrested for assault and battery. He was freed after posting $1,000 bond.

In another heated moment, a Baltimore McDonald’s drive-through was turned into a frenzy all caught on tape.


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