Elderly Father Repeatedly Attacks Daughter With Kitchen Knife In Shocking Stabbing

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A Tennessee senior is facing homicide charges for repeatedly stabbing his adult daughter over an argument.

Police officers were dispatched to a residence in south Nashville on Monday afternoon in response to an ongoing altercation within the household.

Elderly man shows no remorse for stabbing daughter

Upon arrival, officers discovered that a female victim had sustained injuries in the form of stab wounds to the chest, neck, and face.

The victim’s father, identified as 81-year-old Floyd Allen Seay, taken into custody right away.

According to WKRN-TV, neighbors who had witnessed the shocking assault provided police investigators with surveillance footage from their security systems to corroborate the sequence of events.

The footage allegedly captures Seay and his daughter involved in a verbal disagreement outside the of the home, which rapidly escalated into a physical altercation.

Seay is reported to have struck his daughter on multiple occasions before procuring a large kitchen knife from within their home.

When he came back outside, he grabbed his daughter and repeatedly stabbed her.

After attacking his own child, he gave the knife to one of his neighbors and told them, “I tried to kill her, but I couldn’t,” local outlet WKRN reported.

One of the witnesses, neighbor Dustin Del-Rio, who observed the assault, expressed his shock, emphasizing his perception that Seay appeared physically incapable of inflicting harm upon his daughter.

“He didn’t look, I guess, able enough to like hurt her, hurt her,” he remarked. “I had no idea that he had a weapon on him.”

Del-Rio noted that the police are called to the residence every other week to handle domestic disputes, and ABC 2 confirmed that there have been over 50 calls to metro police in the last year.

In the course of the investigators’ interview with Seay, he admitted to intentionally retrieving the knife and showed no remorse for his actions.

He told police that the stabbing was a culmination of the escalated tension building due to their disputes, and if he had the opportunity, he would stab his daughter again.

Fortunately, Seay’s daughter is expected to recover after receiving necessary medical treatment at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

As a consequence of his reprehensible actions, Seay now faces a charge of attempted murder. He was subsequently taken into custody at the Nashville jail on Monday evening, with his bond being set at $500,000.

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