Father Of Bryn Spejcher Victim Says No Jail Time Indicates Judicial Bias

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Bryn Spejcher knife
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The grieving father of a young man who tragically lost his life at the hands of his new partner, Bryn Spejcher, alleged that the judge had a “clear bias” in favor of his son’s killer.

Bryn Spejcher gets no jail time

Spejcher, a 33-year-old audiology doctor, received an astonishingly light sentence for fatally stabbing of 26-year-old Chad O’Melia 108 times in May 2018.

A California judge only slapped her on the wrist with of 100 hours of community service, two years of probation, and zero jail time

In September, experts testified that the attack was “100 percent” triggered by a cannabis-induced psychosis.

Spejcher, who was not a regular cannabis user, took two hits from a potent bong O’Melia gave her on the night she killed him.

Shortly after, she began experiencing hallucinations instructing her to grab a bread knife and thrust it into Chad’s abdomen.

According to court records, the voices urged her to continue the assault, claiming it would resurrect her from the dead.

During the attack, she also stabbed herself and her dog multiple times.

Chad’s father, Sean O’Melia, told the Daily Mail that Spejcher go off extremely lightly based on her position as a doctor and because she is white.

“We have laws. Why should she be given special treatment?” He questioned per the outlet.

“There are people right now in jail just for possession for marijuana. We can’t apply our laws based on someone’s age, skin color, occupation.”

He also noted that if Spejcher was young man with a “different background,” she “absolutely” would not have been given such an easy sentence.

Bryn Spejcher went crazy after smoking a bong

He also pointed out that marijuana, which is recreationally legal in California, is “sold all over” the Thousand Oaks neighborhood she resided in, yet “you don’t see hundreds of dead people everywhere.”

Spejcher’s defense lawyers claimed that the OG Kush strain Chad bought at an illegal pot shop had a THC level of 31%, but experts say it was more likely rated between 12-16% THC totals.

O’Melia was also upset that Spejcher’s brother testified that she “wasn’t he type of person that belongs in jail.”

“The type of person who goes to jail is someone who breaks the law. You cannot have a predetermined understanding of a person who goes to jail,” he remarked. “What, she can’t go to prison because she’s educated, female and young?”

While he acknowledged that he wasn’t a fan of his son’s marijuana habit, he said the court “victim blamed” his son for being a pot smoker.

He said the defense implied that Chad had “tricked” Spejcher into imbibing the substance.

“It’s absurd,” he concluded. “You can try to say what you want but the facts remain, all that happened is that they both smoked marijuana.”

Transgender suspect brutally stabs mother and dog to death

Elsewhere, police in New York City are investigating a shocking incident a transgender suspect who allegedly stabbed their mother and threw her pet dog from an 11th-floor balcony, resulting in both their deaths.

The suspect, identified as Andre Eugene, 36, has been charged with murder, aggravated cruelty to animals, and criminal possession of a weapon in connection with the incident.

According to the police, Eugene claimed that the stabbing occurred after an argument broke out at their mom’s apartment when her pet dog, Gigi, who allegedly bit the suspect.

Eugene allegedly stabbed the poodle nine times than threw the small dog off the 11th story balcony.

Eugene’s mother, Donna Hyman, was discovered in the apartment with a shocking 58 stab wounds, including 26 to her head.

When the police arrived at the scene, they found Eugene naked and covered in blood.

The suspect, who was transitioning into a woman and works at a school, purportedly told the police that his mother had committed suicide, despite the extensive injuries she sustained.

Eugene also said that he stabbed the dog in self-defense, which being attacked by their mother. Charges are expected to be filed in the near future.

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