Massachusetts Man Poisoned Baby Mama With Abortion Pills

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A Massachusetts man allegedly deceived his former girlfriend into consuming abortion pills, which caused her to have a miscarriage.

Massachusetts man didn’t want another child

Robert Kawada, 43, who is already a father of two from his previous marriage, is accused of coercing the mother of his unborn child into ingesting what he claimed were iron and vitamin supplements, after insisting she take them for weeks.

According to Watertown Police, the pair met on a dating app in January and were seeing each other until early March when Kawada called it quits.

Court documents revealed the woman discovered she was pregnant post-breakup and informed her ex that he was a father-to-be.

Rather than being excited about his future child, Kawada picked up abortion-inducing medications misoprostol and mifepristone, which he is accused of drugging her with.

According to court records, Kawada told her his father was a OB-GYN to convince her to take the alleged “vitamins” he had supplied her with.

The unwilling parent also reportedly gave his baby mama cookies containing raspberry leaf, known for labor-inducing properties, at some point during her short pregnancy.

He allegedly instructed her to let the pills dissolve in her mouth while checking to ensure that she had complied with his instructions, which struck her as odd.

At one point she even saved the pills instead of ingesting them, likely due to Kawada’s strange behavior.

However, he seemed to be invested in the pregnancy, as he frequently called to ask for updates on the baby, including after her first checkup, when she told him that the unborn child’s heartbeat was strong.

Throughout her pregnancy, the woman experienced severe pain and discharge. By the beginning of May, her platonic relationship with Kawada had rapidly deteriorated.

Kawada reportedly accused her of lying about taking the pills and claimed she was entrapping him with the pregnancy.

At their last meet up, Kawada claimed that the stress of the pregnancy had caused his mother’s death his mother’s death in April, as she had not wanted him to have any more children.

He insisted that his ex get an abortion, but the woman told him she wanted to keep the baby and intended to raise their kid alone.

Before this meeting, a supposed nurse from her health insurance company recommended over the phone that she take iron pills.

Not so coincidentally, Kawada allegedly arrived with the pills, even though he asked her to abort the child already.

The fake nurse called a second time that day and told the pregnant woman to consume two more of the pills.

She began feeling ill, experiencing the chills and a swollen throat. When she told Kawada he claimed to have had the same reaction when he took the pills himself.

Kawada’s ex-girlfriend ended up having bad cramping and bloody discharge, which led to a miscarriage on May 2.

After losing the baby, she reached out the fake health insurance nurse, but figured out that the number the woman had used wasn’t real.

Massachusetts man arrested for poisoning

She contacted her family, who then alerted the police to the situation. When an officer arrived to investigate, she gave them the pills that Kawada had insisted she take and his contact information.

Kawada was taken into police custody on May 24, and would only fess up to giving her “vitamin C and iron pills” that he had ordered from Amazon.

Regardless of what he told the cops, it was his search history and phone records that led to his arrest.

Prosecutors said that his internet search history included phrases like “misoprostol dissolved” and “9 week aborted fetus pics.”

They also dug into his phone records linked him to calls from the same number as the fake health insurance nurse.

Kawada was charged with poisoning, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon on a pregnant person, and assault and battery on a household or family member.

He tearfully pleaded not guilty in court this week. Kawada’s bail is set at $100,000 cash or $10 million bond and he’s due back in court on July 23.

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