Actor Accused Of Stabbing Makeup Artist Ex 20 Times Tries Fleeing To Mexico

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The actor ex-boyfriend accused of stabbing a Hollywood makeup artist “multiple times” has been taken into custody after attempting to flee the country.

Stabbing suspect arrested at southern border

34-year-old Nick Pasqual, whose notable acting credits include a guest role on “How I Met Your Mother,” was caught at the U.S./Mexico border check point in Sierra Blanca, Texas, after brutally stabbing beloved “Rebel Moon” special effects makeup artist Allie Shehorn, 35, at least 20 times on May 23.

Shehorn had been granted temporary restraining order against Pasqual three days before he attacked her in their Sunland, California home, stabbing her in the neck, arms, and abdomen.

She was discovered bleeding out in the early hours of Thursday morning by her roommate, Christine White, 62.

White told local news outlet KTLA that the bedroom where the attack happened “wasn’t a pretty sight.”

Shehorn was taken to the hospital in where she was rushed into multiple surgeries and remained in critical condition for days.

In the domestic violence restraining order request, which was obtained by The Daily Mail, Shehorn detailed the four previous assaults she faced at the hands of Pasqual, including rape, choking, and beatings with a belt.

Documents filed on May 18 show Pasqual struck her with a belt on January 29, smashed doors in their home on March 6, and sexually assaulted and choked her on April 14.

During the domestic violence incident that caused Shehorn to seek a restraining order, Pasqual began screaming at her while he was drunk in the early morning hours.

“He slapped me across the face and as I was trying to get away down the hallway, he grabbed my hair and pulled me back and I slammed into the floor hitting the back of my head on the ground,” she detailed.

Shehorn hid in White’s bedroom as Pasqual attempted to break the door down, and when she finally unlocked it, he shoved it against her hard enough to knock her to the ground, which caused a concussion.

White called 911 while the actor threatened her, and police arrived to arrest him on a felony charge. He bonded out later the same day.

A hearing to make the temporary restraining order permanent was originally set for June 11 in Pasadena, with Pasqual scheduled the next day in court for the felony charge.

The middling actor now faces additional charges of attempted murder, first-degree home invasion, and domestic violence injury.

He has two prior convictions, both DUIs in July 2013 and February 2014.

Pasqual will face court upon his return to Los Angeles and will be held on a $1.075 million bond. The charges against him could lead to a sentence of life in prison.

“My thoughts and heartfelt sympathies are with the victim in this horrific incident,” Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón commented

“This heinous incident is a stark reminder of the dangers of domestic violence,” the soft on crime DA concluded.

“We will ensure that the individual responsible for this egregious act is held accountable for their actions.”

Stabbing suspect has been arrested 14 times previously

In an unrelated assault, a New York City homeless man, who was arrested for stabbing a 36-year-old Pennsylvania mother while she was supervising a group of school children in Times Square earlier this month, has been apprehended by police 14 times over the past two decades.

Amber Lohr had just exited a souvenir store in the tourist trap with her daughter and the other children she was chaperoning, when Cyril Destin, 61, leapt up from his seat at a deli and allegedly stabbed her in the chest.

Despite the blood seeping through her clothes, Lohr managed to ensure the children’s safety before disclosing her injury.

A bystander then called for help and Lohr received immediate treatment on the sidewalk before being transported to Bellevue Hospital.

“My wife not only had taken the stabbing but should also be considered a hero by remaining in front of the children, coaching them to go backwards without turning around,” Lohr’s husband John told the New York Post,

“We don’t feel safe there,” John Lohr said about Times Square. “A guy with a very lengthy record went out of nowhere and attacked my wife by stabbing her into the chest and within inches of her life being lost.”

“This man could have murdered my wife or even worse, one of the children she was chaperoning,” he added.

Destin reportedly resides in a homeless shelter located near the deli. He faces charges including second-degree assault and fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon.

“This man will strike again and maybe the next person may not be as fortunate,” the husband warned.

“I will not accept anything but the max sentence for him. This man doesn’t only need to be jailed but institutionalized permanently following his well-deserved lengthy sentencing.”

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