Elderly Slingshot Shooter Arrested For Terrorizing Neighborhood

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Slingshot shooter
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“Serial slingshot shooter,” an 81-year-old man from California, nabbed by police for allegedly launching ball bearings at windows, windshields, and nearly hitting people around his neighborhood.

Elderly slingshot shooter identified

Authorities apprehended Prince Raymond King on May 23, following a neighborhood-wide search warrant that was conducted to catch the elderly Dennis the Menace.

According to the Azusa Police Department’s Facebook update, officers discovered ball bearings and a slingshot at King’s residence during the search.

The warrant came after officers were alerted to a “quality of life issue,” in a neighborhood that been terrorized by a mysterious villain taking aim at their property for around a decade.

A “lengthy investigation” led police to conclude that over the past 9-10 years, “dozens of citizens were victimized by a serial slingshot shooter,” who seemingly reveled in causing property damage.

Fortunately, despite some near-misses, no injuries to residents or their pets resulted from King’s alleged actions, according to Azusa police Lt. Jake Bushey to the San Gabriel Valley Tribune.

Azusa police have been on the case for years since the incidents began but had not identified a suspect until now, Bushey explained to the Tribune.

He mentioned it remains unclear how King was pinpointed as a suspect, though detectives found that most shots were launched from his backyard.

King reportedly threw officers off of his scent for years by firing some of the ball bearings from a “nearby neighborhood.”

“We’re not aware of any kind of motive other than just malicious mischief,” Bushey remarked, noting that the shots weren’t random. He also did not understand why certain properties or people were subjected to the suspect’s wrath.

Slingshot shooter’s arrest is a happy moment for neighbors

Residents are relieved that the elderly slingshot shooter has finally been identified and taken into custody.

“I’ve actually seen him shoot the slingshot before,” one neighbor said. “He’s never shot at us or anything, but [he targeted] a lot of neighbors.”

“I couldn’t believe that he was arrested [by] the swat team yesterday,” the woman added. “It was pretty crazy.”

“Many times I came outside and I would find little BBs on the ground by my front door, so I’m very glad the person was caught,” another resident remarked.

King is currently held at the Los Angeles County Jail without bail, inmate documents indicate.

California arrested for attacking elderly men

In another California crime, a man who allegedly assaulted two elderly individuals in separate incidents and then posed for a nonchalant photo after one of the attacks was taken into custody on Saturday.

Identified by the Campbell Police Department as Nicholas Hostetler, 25, he is connected to the two assaults on elderly men in the area earlier this month.

The first incident occurred on May 4 when Hostetler reportedly struck a victim on San Tomas Aquino Road before fleeing the scene, police reported.

In a baffling twist, the suspect paused to pose casually on a sidewalk while the victim took a photo in an attempt to identify his alleged assailant.

Police shared the image on social media and sought assistance from the public in identifying the individual.

The second unprovoked attack took place on Friday morning as a 75-year-old man was out for a walk in Campbell, according to police.

When the 75-year-old victim and his family returned to the area shortly after to search for surveillance cameras, they encountered Hostetler once more, police stated.

Hostetler allegedly attempted to engage in a fight with the family before departing the area, as per police reports. Officers promptly began searching the vicinity and soon identified Hostetler as the suspect.

On Saturday morning, police contacted Hostetler’s parents, who assisted in getting Hostetler to exit his home, where he was arrested without resistance.

During the booking process at Santa Clara County Jail on two counts of elder abuse, Hostetler allegedly kicked an officer, authorities said. As a result, Hostetler faced an additional charge of battery against an officer.

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