New Colorado Homeowners Find Severed Head In Freezer

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Severed Head
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New Colorado homeowners received the shock of their lives when they found a severed head in the freezer that came with the residence.

Severed head and other human remains found in freezer

According to the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office, a pair of hands were also found in the icebox with the severed head, but it is unclear if they belong to the same body.

The incident was reported to the authorities on Jan. 12 by the new owners, and their across the street neighbor managed to catch the Sheriff’s investigation on video.

New neighbor Sam Troester started filming when she saw that the responding officers were were wearing hooded white hazmat suits with masks.

“The white hazmat looking suits, that’s what caught my eye at first,” she told KUSA-TV . “That’s what was most surprising.”

Troester mentioned that the previous owner, who was caring for his elderly mother, had left earlier that day, while the new homeowners arrived later.

Bargain hunters horrified after finding severed head in freezer

It was revealed that the new owners had posted online that they were selling various items left behind, including a deep freezer.

Bargain hunters who went to the house told Troester that a that a head had fallen out of a black plastic bag in the freezer, which had been covered by packages of frozen meat.

The investigation is proceeding as a homicide, with police urging “patience” as the type of tests that need to be run to identify the head and hands “take a significant amount of time.”

“A thorough and detailed investigation is the top priority of the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office,” they said in a statement on Thursday.

“Our hope is to positively identify the victim while remaining respectful of the victim and the victim’s family.”

Married fraudsters live with rotting corpse to collect pension

Meanwhile, charges have been filed against a Kansas couple for allegedly defrauding the state of retirement benefits exceeding $215,000.

The pair reportedly concealed the deceased relative’s body in their residence for a staggering six-year period.

According to authorities, Mike Carroll’s pacemaker data revealed he died at the age of 81 all the way back in 2016.

However, it was only in 2022 when Carroll’s son-in-law, Kirk Ritter, notified the Overland Park police of the death.

Carroll’s rotting corpse found after husband rolls over

During their investigations, law enforcement officials discovered the mummified body of Carroll in one of the home’s bedrooms, while Carroll’s bank account remained active and under the control of Kirk and and his wife, Carroll’s daughter, Lynn Ritter, both aged 61.

The revelation rocked extended family members, who believed that Carroll was still alive in 2022.

Janet Carroll, Carroll’s niece, disclosed that she and others were consistently given feeble excuses for his unavailability over the phone.

“We were denied contact with him,” Janet told the Kansas City Star. “[A]nd now we know why.”

Despite Carroll’s demise, the Ritters continued to reside in the same house with his rotting corpse to collect his cash.

Over the course of six years, the couple deposited a sum of $216,067 into Carroll’s bank account, comprising pension funds and payments from the Social Security Administration.

Both daughter and son-in-law were reportedly heavily dependent on Carroll’s money at the end of his life. They will have their day in court on February 2.

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