Missouri Man Shot In The Head By Masked Thieves On The Happiest Day Of His Life

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Wedding - man shot
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A Missouri newlywed is clinging to life after the man was shot in the head by two masked assailants who stormed his wedding reception.

Man shot at his own wedding

Manuel and Dulce Gonzalez had just tied the knot last Friday after a decade-long relationship and two children together.

Fifty family members and friends gathered in their Dutchtown backyard for the reception, with the festivities extending late into the night.

During the lively party the newlyweds were being watched by a pair of criminals waiting to make their move.

Surveillance footage captured two masked men on bicycles riding by the home around midnight as Manuel escorted guests to their cars.

An hour later, the armed assailants breached the backyard, demanding everyone who was still partying freeze.

They got the guests to comply by holding a gun to Manuel’s head, while the other man went through attendees’ pockets and personal items.

Despite the compliance of the party-goers, the gunman shot the husband in the head, and seemingly spooked, left the scene empty-handed.

Man shot on wedding day is in critical condition

“They took nothing, yet they took everything from us,” lamented Yaribeth Peña, the bride’s sister.

Manuel was rushed to the hospital, where he remains in critical condition.

“He’s fighting for his life. We are hoping he pulls through,” Peña shared, describing Manuel as a hardworking, loving husband and father who didn’t deserve this fate.

The motive remains unclear, although Peña speculated the gunmen might have mistaken Manuel’s movement for reaching a weapon.

A GoFundMe has been set up for medical expenses, as Manuel’s “distraught” new wife waits for his condition to improve.

Police have no suspects, but Peña believes the attackers are teenagers.

Serial wedding crasher caught in the act

In another wedding horror story, a 57-year-old woman from Mississippi confessed to spending the last six years posing as a wedding guest and stealing thousands of dollars in cash and gifts

Known locally as a ‘serial wedding crasher’, Sandra Lynn Henson appeared in Lauderdale County court after being caught pilfering from two Alabama weddings.

She faced charges of third-degree and fourth-degree Theft of Property for her actions at both events.

In court, Henson opted for a plea deal, admitting her guilt. She received a sentence of 31 months with the Alabama Department of Corrections and was ordered to pay restitution and court fees.

Henson’s most recent crime occurred last September, where she was caught taking cash from unsuspecting guests during a wedding.

The bride’s sister saw Henson acting suspiciously during the reception, and the groom’s sister later found her rummaging through unattended purses.

When confronted, Henson claimed she was there for someone named Lexi. However, growing suspicions led family members to call for backup.

Under pressure, Henson finally admitted to the theft, even pulling $200 out from her bra that she had taken from the wedding planner’s purse.

Despite her pleas for the family not to involve the police, fearing a return to jail, they contacted the Pontotoc County authorities.

Pontotoc County Sheriff’s Office revealed that Henson has a history of similar crimes across Alabama, Tennessee, and Mississippi.

In 2021, she crashed a wedding in Marshall County, Alabama, and made off with the bride and groom’s gifts.

Further probes by Alabama authorities uncovered that Henson had stolen from nine other weddings in the state.

In the same year, Henson faced grand larceny charges in Mississippi after lifting wedding gifts, cash, and gift cards worth over $1,000.

The Mississippi Department of Corrections noted that she was incarcerated in 2021 for burglary and grand larceny before eventually being granted parole.

Jilted bride takes a stab at fiance’s member

In organ-altering unhappily ever after, a woman who was left waiting at the alter exacted sick revenge on her reluctant fiance by severing his penis after he failed to show up for their wedding.

The 25-year-old Indian Doctor, who had been in a five-year relationship with the man, reached her breaking point when he continually refused to marry her.

Believing she had finally convinced him to agree to a court marriage, she was devastated when he didn’t appear on the wedding day.

Even though he didn’t show up at the courthouse, the man came to her house when she invited him over later that day.

She attacked him with a knife upon arrival and cut his penis off with surgical precision. Neighbors alerted the police after hearing his screams.

Authorities arrived to find the man seriously injured, lying in a pool of blood.

He was taken to a local hospital for treatment, while his bride-to-not-be was arrested and taken into police custody.

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