Woman Faces Murder Charges After Body Found In Mattress After Car Wreck

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car with mattress murder charges
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A 32-year-old woman faces murder charges in Minnesota after cops found a dead woman wrapped in a mattress at a single-car accident scene.

Woman hit with murder charges after car crash

Police responded to an eastbound lane accident on a highway in Olmsted County at 7 a.m. Saturday, and were stunned by what they found in the back seat.

Margot Lewis, the driver, was outside the car being assisted by a bystander, after hitting a guard rail while speeding at over 100 mph.

While checking the vehicle for other occupants, authorities discovered a dead 35-year-old woman in the backseat.
The sheriff’s office labeled the condition of the body as “suspicious,” noting the death clearly wasn’t due to the car crash.

According to police, the victim was identified as Liara Tsai of Minneapolis on Tuesday.

After the accident, Lewis was taken to a hospital, medically cleared, before being transferred to a local detention center, where she was arrested for interference with a dead body.

A probable cause affidavit states that a deputy found the vehicle’s back seats folded down with the body wrapped in a bed sheet, blanket, futon-style mattress, and tarp.

The body was cold and blood-soaked sheets were observed. A large neck wound was also noted. Preliminary autopsy results indicated the fatal injuries preceded the car crash.

Lewis appeared in Olmsted County Court on Tuesday, representing herself against the charges, but her legal situation rapidly got worse.

Murder charges for ex-lover who committed gruesome act

While Lewis was being detained, investigators executed a search warrant at Tsai’s studio apartment, where they uncovered a “bloody scene.”

The bed and bedding were saturated with blood, a bloody object was found in the bed, and smaller blood amounts were located in the bathroom. A kitchen steak knife appears to be missing, but has not yet been recovered.

The medical examiner reported that Tsai had a “gaping puncture wound” to her neck and multiple sharp force injuries.

The ME also confirmed that Tsai didn’t die from the car crash, with autopsy findings still underway as of Wednesday’s court filing.

Investigators soon discovered that Lewis and the victim had previously been involved in romantic relationship.

While no motive was provided for the slaying, the victim’s former spouse described Lewis and Tsai’s relationship as “sordid and emotionally challenging.”

During the investigation, police discovered that Lewis had flown from Boston to Minneapolis on June 21 to visit Tsai.

Police reports indicate Tsai picked Lewis up at 11:08 p.m., but their reunion was short-lived and ended in blood shed, as surveillance footage captured a vehicle leaving Tsai’s apartment hours later.

The driver of the vehicle wore clothing matching Lewis’, and Tsai’s dog was visible in the front seat.
Lewis now faces murder charges and remains in custody, pending transfer to Hennepin County Jail.

Hennepin County prosecutors argued bail was necessary given the “brutal nature of the crime,” leading an Olmsted County judge to set bail at $1 million.

Mystery surrounds blood found on drunk teen’s truck

Elsewhere in Texas, Aaron Richard, an 18-year-old, was discovered drenched in dried blood following a significant crash involving his pick-up truck.

The incident occurred in Tarrant County, Texas, at approximately 1:55 a.m. on Monday. Authorities suspect Richard was under the influence, leading to his arrest and subsequent charge for driving while intoxicated.

Upon arriving at the crash scene, officers noted Richard’s unusual condition—he was smeared with dried blood, which also stained his vehicle. The interior of the truck bore similar blood marks.

However, when questioned about the origin of the blood, Richard remained tight-lipped, offering no explanation to the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office.

Currently, investigators are appealing to the public for any information regarding Richard or his truck. They urge witnesses or anyone familiar with the event to contact them.

The authorities have not yet disclosed whether they believe there is a threat to public safety or if any fatalities have occurred.

The teenager‘s legal troubles are compounded by his existing probation. He was serving a six-month probation for a disorderly conduct charge, which could jeopardize his probation status.

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