Transgender Suspect Sparks Manhunt After Double Homicide

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Utah double homicide
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Police in Utah apprehended a transgender suspect who was on the run after allegedly committing double homicide this week.

Suspected transgender killer accused of killing parents in double homicide

After reports of gunshots in a Washington County neighborhood, police started searching for 28-year-old Collin Troy Bailey on Tuesday night.

When they entered the residence, officers discovered a deceased man and woman who had been fatally shot.

The victims’ identities have not been disclosed by authorities, but the house where the murders occurred was listed as Bailey’s home.

The people found dead are presumed to be Bailey’s parents, Gail Bailey, 69, and her husband Joseph, 70, who are also listed as residents.

Bailey, who was identified as the only suspect by police, had been transitioning and currently goes by Mia Bailey, often wearing wigs and frequently changing hairstyles.

Police hunt down double homicide suspect

Police issued a shelter-in-place warning to the public, explaining that Bailey was armed and dangerous, and had fled the home where the shooting occurred in a yellow 2014 Kia Soul.

Sixteen hours later, authorities found Bailey hiding in a field on Wednesday afternoon and made the arrest without incident, which was captured on video.

Washington City Police Lt. Kory Klotz confirmed that Bailey was armed when apprehended and surrendered the gun suspected to have been used in the crime before being arrested.

Officer Tiffany Mitchell from the St. George Police Department announced on social media that Bailey was in custody and that no further danger existed to the public, allowing the shelter-in-place order to be lifted.

“We have some good news,” Mitchell remarked. “We have the suspect in custody, everyone is safe. No one else was injured.”

Triple homicide suspect still on the loose

In different murder case, authorities in Arkansas are still searching for Stacy Lee Drake, 50, suspected of killing three people in Oklahoma connected to two carjackings.

Drake, who was last seen near a motel in Morrilton, is wanted on multiple felony charges including aggravated robbery, carjacking, and murder.

He is considered armed and dangerous, and has been described as a 5-foot-11 white male, who weighs 185 pounds, and has both brown eyes and hair.

Sequoyah County Sheriff’s deputies found two victims’ bodies at a business near State Highway 64, with injuries that were consistent with homicide.

While the victims have yet to be identified, police know that Drake is person of interest, and the car he allegedly stole was later found in Morrilton.

Authorities believe he remains in the area and have warned the public against approaching him for their own safety.

Cops nab escaped murder suspect

In California, Deshaun Stamps, 29, an attempted murder suspect who escaped from a San Bernardino County jail on Sunday, was arrested by Los Angeles police the following day.

Stamps, who has been in custody for attempted murder and assaulting an officer since January 2023, escaped during an outdoor recreation period.

A former fellow inmate, who was released from prison the same day Stamps was returned to custody, told CBS News about how the West Valley Detention Center responded to the inmate’s escape.

“I was in, two bunks down, when they put us in a code red,” ex-criminal Roger Montesinos explained. “They told us we had to bunk up for our safety. … They were looking for somebody who escaped, so we just bunked up for the rest of the night.”

Montesinos heard that when he was in the outdoor area of the detention center, Stamps was able to hop a fence and escape out the back entrance.

“You’re out in the open, you’re out in the yard, cement walls. But, the top is a fence, just a regular fence,” he detailed.

“So if you’re able to push it up enough, I can see that happening — there’s no barbed wire on the other side.”

LAPD officers arrested him in Hollywood, and he was returned to the custody of San Bernardino County deputies.
Stamps had just been ordered to undergo a mental evaluation for trial competency, after appearing in court last week.

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