Cops Bust Drug Dealer On Valentine’s Day In Life Size Teddy Bear Getup

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Life size teddy bear
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A lovelorn drug pusher became love scorned when police set up a Valentine’s day sting with life size teddy bear.

Life size teddy bear sting

In a novel approach to narcotics enforcement, authorities in Peru recently implemented an unconventional strategy to apprehend a suspected narcotics trafficker.

In a meticulously planned operation, an officer from the Policia Nacional del Peru assumed an unexpected disguise—a full-body teddy bear costume—to approach the apartment of a woman in Lima accused of drug dealing.

The officer, equipped with a heart-shaped balloon and chocolates, and feigned romantic interest get the suspect to come downstairs from her second floor apartment.

The ploy worked and the woman descended down a spiral staircase to meet up with who she thought was her mysterious secret admirer.

As soon as she reached street level, the woman was met with both heartbreak and handcuffs.

The disguised officer revealed his true identity as a lawman and quickly took her into custody.

Hilariously, the woman was filmed being frogmarched by the costume-clad cop and several other officers to a police pick up truck.

The bear helped the patrolmen heft the handcuffed suspect into the back of the truck bed.

Officer disguised as life size teddy bear makes major bust

After the initial arrest occurred, additional personnel from the anti-narcotics division, wearing in standard-issue uniforms, conducted a detailed search of the suspect’s residence.

The probe a yielded significant amount contraband concealed beneath a mattress and cleverly hidden under a drainage cover outside the property.

A second woman found at the location was also taken into custody for interrogation.

The suspects were eventually showcased in a display alongside the recovered narcotics.

Authorities designed the presentation to include the chocolates and a hand-painted placard with the inscription, “You are my reason to smile,” objects that were instrumental in the ruse to draw the suspect out of her apartment.

In one photo, the officer in the teddy bear suit was observed offering a consoling embrace to the visibly distressed suspect, as she miserably cried about the worst Valentine’s Day ever.

Exploding teddy bear leads police to arrest

This wasn’t the first time a teddy bear led police to arrest a dangerous criminal.

In an odd act of violence, a man in San Bernardino, California, was filmed blowing up a teddy bear int he parking lot in October of last year.

In the footage, the suspect sets the stuffed animal in an empty parking spot and gets back in his SUV.

The object starts smoking and eventually explodes, then the vehicle drives off.

San Bernardino police were able to identify the suspect though the video footage, and obtained a search warrant for his home.

When they searched the property, police found more than a kilogram of methamphetamine, a ghost gun with 200 rounds of ammo, illegal fireworks, and the tools to build explosive devices.

The man was taken into custody on multiple felony charges, but his motive for blowing up the bear was not revealed.

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