California Car Chase Ends With Female Suspect Performing Striptease

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405 Traffic - Car chase
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A high-speed car chase on the busy Los Angeles freeway ended in a wild way when the female suspect got out of her SUV and stripped naked.

California car chase ends in striptease

The woman was captured on video disrobing and performing a spontaneous striptease atop her car along the 405 freeway, according to TMZ.

The pursuit reportedly began when California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers spotted a black SUV allegedly driving in the freeway’s center median.

When cops tried to pull the vehicle over, the driver floored it, initiating a car chase at speeds between 75 and 95 miles per hour.

Around ten minutes into the high-speed car chase, the vehicle randomly came to a stop in the high-occupancy vehicle lane.

The female driver then emerged through the sunroof, still clothed, but began to undress provocatively, first shedding her shirt, and continuing on until she was totally in the buff.

Car chase ends with naked suspect in cuffs

The bizarre scene did not go unnoticed by other motorists, many of whom took the opportunity to record the free show on their cell phones.

Traffic was briefly made even worse than Los Angeles freeways are notorious for, as drivers slowed down to take a gander at the naked woman’s odd spectacle.

The woman was eventually taken into custody by the responding officers and now faces multiple charges, including felony reckless evading, resisting arrest, and battery on a police officer.

In another naked traffic incident in California, a nude man in ran into heavy traffic and was struck by a vehicle.

The man, reportedly experiencing a mental health crisis, leaped from the fence at his family’s home directly into traffic, ABC7 noted.

In a video, the man narrowly avoiding being hit as he crossed halfway into the street before being struck by an oncoming vehicle, tossed over its hood.

Gerardo Garcia, a local medical delivery worker who filmed the video, told Fox11 that the naked man was bloody after getting hit.

“It was crazy. It was a wild morning,” Garcia commented to ABC7. “I saw this gentleman jump from the roof onto the tree, and then he jumped from the tree into the street… Me and my buddy were just like ‘What? What’s going on? Are we being pranked?’ And he just ran across us and a lady in a car just hits him.”

After the collision, the man managed to get up, but another video shows him lying in the street. It’s unclear if a second vehicle also hit him.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies, who were called by the man’s family, eventually pulled up to the scene and surrounded the naked man while he was still on the ground.

“He did get up. He started walking toward some vehicles, and that’s when the police officers all arrive,” Garcia remarked.

Astonishingly, even after being plowed down by a car, the man tackled one of the responding officers, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

Garcia noted the importance of vigilance on the roads due to the high number of drug-related incidents and mental health crises that happen in the area, saying, “Stay on your toes while driving; make sure you don’t run over anybody. I see a lot of crazy things when I’m driving.”

Authorities transported him to a local hospital where he was reportedly in stable condition after being treated for the impact and several self-inflicted lacerations.

Woman sues cops for naked search warrant

In Florida, a woman alleged that she was twice forced out of her home naked while deputies executed warrants, seeking over $1 million in damages from the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office for violating her Fourth Amendment rights against unreasonable searches and seizures.

The federal lawsuit, filed last week, names Okaloosa County Sheriff Eric Aden and retired deputy Grady Carpenter, who oversaw both incidents.

LaTanya Griffin, 46, previously sued the sheriff’s office last August for a 2019 incident where deputies allegedly used a battering ram to enter her home, ordering her at gunpoint to remain nude in front of officers and the public, including her young children.

Attorneys for the sheriff’s office responded to the initial lawsuit by asserting that the deputies’ conduct adhered to “established, reasonable, and generally accepted police procedure.”

They further contended that the actions of the two deputies named in the suit were made “in good faith” and within the bounds of their roles as deputies with the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office.

The new lawsuit claims the May 2020 incident was “strikingly similar to the August 29th seizure.” According to the lawsuit, the second incident involved executing an arrest warrant before dawn at Griffin’s home.

Griffin’s children, once outside, witnessed their mother’s “naked detention for a substantial amount of time,” the suit claims, with her hands either zip-tied or handcuffed behind her back.

Despite her protests, Griffin remained unclothed in front of numerous law enforcement officers until they eventually placed a tank top over her head, offering only “partial covering but not concealment of her genitalia,” according to the lawsuit.

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