Man Beat Down By Motorcycle Club After Killing Member In A Dispute Over A Woman

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A motorcycle club beat down a shooter who killed one of the members of their club during a fight at their local watering hole.

Motorcycle club puts the hurt on man who murdered member

Officials from the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office in Washington said that they received reports of a gun-related incident early Tuesday evening at the Old Hwy 99 Bar and Grill.

Bar patrons told deputies that 68-year-old Curtis Gilbert Gibson and his wife got into a confrontation with the motorcycle club and he shot one of them.

Law enforcement was able to identify the victim as Gaylord “Travis” Sayers, who died in the parking lot from two gunshot wounds to his torso.

One of the witnesses, who is the member of the biker club, told police that the shooter and his wife were his ex-wife’s current husband and his former missus.

The pair had been at the bar two hours earlier and gotten into a confrontation with the club before tearing off in a red Kia.

Gibson and his wife came back seemingly primed for a fight, when he charged at the group’s line of parked motorcycles with his car, then stopped abruptly, just short of hitting them.

The suspect allegedly riled up the bikers, who had rushed out of the bar and flooded into the parking lot, by threatening to push over their motorcycles.

Witnesses claimed that during the altercation, one biker was seen punching the Gibson in the face, while another club member smashed his cellphone on the ground.

They managed to shove the suspect back into his red Kia, when he pulled out a revolver and fired at Sayers.

Gibson shot him once from the car, then again when he had collapsed to the ground. Two bullets hit his torso, and a fragment of another was found amongst his keys in his pocket. Sayer was pronounced dead on the scene.

Gibson was disarmed by the motorcycle club and restrained until police arrived and took him into custody for suspicion of first-degree murder. His wife was also arrested.

He was taken to a local hospital to treat injuries to his face, including his left eye, and was taken to the Thurston County jail after his release.

Gibson had his preliminary hearing in the Thurston County Superior Court on Wednesday, where prosecutors convinced the judge to hold him without bail.

Though he has not been arrested for murder yet, Judge Christopher Lanese found there was probably cause for charging him with a crime, and the prosecution has until Friday to file the official offenses they choose to pursue against him.

Motorcycle club assaults man on trail

Elsewhere in Wisconsin, a Milwaukee man was assaulted by a group of bikers for confronting them about riding on a trail next to his home.

Motorized vehicles are prohibited on the Kinnickinnic River Trail, but motorcyclists are notorious for recklessly driving down the pathway used by both pedestrians and bicyclists.

Gary Hartung was fed up when he saw a group of six riders exiting the trail, and decided to confront them with while recording on his phone, in an effort to determine their identities.

“I watched them as much as I could, trying to get plates or faces or anything, and then I walked among them, and one guy just punched me; I was out, knocked out,” Hartung told WTMJ.

He’s now recovering from multiple injuries for his efforts, including a broken nose, a lacerated lip, and severe bruising to his eye and face. Doctors estimate that it will take a full month for him to recover from the facial injuries.

The authorities are currently probing the assault and searching for suspects, but the lack of visible license plates on display will make identifying Hartung’s attackers difficult.

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