Mom Shoots Armed Intruder While Handcuffed To Protect Her Disabled Son

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A quick thinking elderly mom from Idaho shot a criminal home intruder while he had her restrained in handcuffs in an effort to protect her disabled son.

Elderly mom shoots armed robber who broke into her home

85-year-old Christine Jenneiahn was awoken by attacker Derek Condon in her bedroom at 2:00 a.m. on March 13.

With a 9mm pistol aimed at her, Condon struck Jenneiahn hard enough to make her bleed, handcuffed to a chair in the living room, and demanded her valuable possessions.

To protect her son who is disabled, Jenneiahn conveniently failed to mention that he was in the home sleeping.

From there, convinced the armed thief that the goods he was looking for were stored in a downstairs safe. When Condon went to search, Jenneiahn managed to pull herself, still attached to the chair, to where her .357 Magnum revolver was kept.

Somehow, Condon realized that Jenneiahn’s son was indeed at home, and furiously stomped back upstairs.

Mom shoots thief and takes a few hits herself

Before he was able to reach her, Jenneiahn fired her revolver twice, hitting the intruder with both bullets. Condon also got several shots off and hit her in the chest, abdomen, arm, and leg.

However, the elderly woman was clearly the better shot, because Condon only made it as far as her kitchen before he succumbed to the injuries.

Jenneiahn then “collapsed to the floor,” and was unable to summon help until ten hours later when her son provided her with a phone.

According to reports, Jenneiahn was subsequently admitted to a hospital for her wounds and has since been discharged.

A few weeks later, Bingham County Prosecutor Ryan Jolley, declared the elderly mother’s actions as lawful defense of herself and her son.

Grand mom shoots home intruder to defend four-year-old

In a similar line of self-defense, another incident involved a grandmother from New Mexico who took protective action against the suspected car thief that broke into her home.

According to the Albuquerque Journal police were in pursuit of a stolen truck, which ended with the use of spike strips and a crash into a curb, but the suspect managed to flee on foot into a nearby residential area.

The suspect broke into the woman’s home, who was alone with her four-year-old grandson, and she was startled when the male intruder desperately demanded her car keys.

She led the man to a collection of keys in her kitchen, and grabbed her firearm along the way. The woman tucked her grandson into a bedroom while suspect was occupied, but he appeared in her hallway to demand additional keys shortly after.

In a tense confrontation, she pointed her firearm at him and ordered the man to leave, but he advanced toward her instead.

Convinced that the intruder posed a lethal threat to her and her grandchild, the grandmother discharged her weapon once, injuring the man who then began pleading for water as he crawled through the hallway on his hands and knees.

The grandmother dialed 911 at around 9:30 p.m., and even administered first aid to the criminal by putting pressure on his leg.

When law enforcement arrived, they took custody of  32-year-old Joseph Rivera, and secured the firearm used by the grandmother in self-defense.

Rivera faces multiple charges, including burglary and auto theft. He was already on a warrant for skipping out on a court hearing stemming from his July 2023 arrest for being discovered in a stolen car with three different types of narcotics.

Rivera is expected to be transferred to jail after being treated at the hospital.

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