Jesse Watters Says NYC Migrants Who Beat Down Cops Are A ‘Symbol’ Of Biden’s Presidency

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Jesse Watters NYC migrants
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Fox News host Jesse Watters said that the four NYC migrants who flicked off the press as they walked free after beating down NYPD officers was a “symbol” of Joe Biden’s presidency.

NYC migrants attack police officers

“A gang of migrants broke into the country, pummeled two NYPD officers, and while walking out of jail without bail, flipped the double bird to the country that let them in. The two birds heard around the world,” he remarked on Thursday night.

The four men were caught on surveillance footage attacking two officers at popular tourist destination after the patrolmen asked them to move.

A brawl broke out while the cops were attempting to detain a man in a yellow jacket. As the officers struggled to subdue the man in the yellow jacket, a hooded man with a backpack kicked one of them in the head twice.

Another man in a red jacket kicked the same officer in the back, then repeated the action on his partner. A different hooded man attempted to kick one of the officers in the head, but missed an fell to the ground. All four of the men fled.

The unidentified officers were treated for minor injuries on the scene, which included facial lacerations and body bruising.

NYC migrants released with no bail after assaulting cops

The four attackers were eventually arrested and identified as migrants Darwin Andres Gomez, 19, Kelvin Servita Arocha, 19, Wilson Juarez, 21, Yorman Reveron, 24, and two others.

They were charged with assault on a police officer, gang assault, obstructing governmental administration and disorderly conduct.

Despite recently arriving in the United States, Reveron already has a rap sheet for assault and robbery. He was charged with attacking a Macy’s security guard during a theft in November, and allegedly assaulted a Nordstrom Rack employee the same month.

Of the six suspects, five have been released from custody without bail. Boada made headlines for flipping off cameras as he left court, with the other suspects laughing, blowing kisses, and repeating the same actions.

Jesse Watters: NYC migrants attack on cops a “symbol” of Biden administration

Watters said that their flippant actions is emblematic of the problems the nation has seen under the Biden administration.

“The symbol of the Biden presidency right there. The whole migrant gang gave it to us,” he remarked during the Thursday night broadcast of “Jesse Watters Primetime.”

“The free iPhones, hotel rooms and culturally appropriate meals weren’t good enough,” he added. “They wanted to kick cops in the face and get away with it, just like Black Lives Matter.”

Watters said “we deserve the double bird” for “letting criminals walk into” our nation and walk all over us.

“Illegal Latino gangs beating up cops and the DA Alvin Bragg didn’t ask for bail,” he added. “The gang isn’t even being deported. It’s a sanctuary city. Mi casa es su casa.”

Watters also noted that the four men have allegedly fled New York for California to avoid charges on a free bus ride paid for by the government.

According to CBS News, the men provided a church group in charge of acquiring bus tickets from a migrant resettlement program with fake names to secure a free ride out of New York before their February 20 hearings.

“Joe Biden assured us his border policy was the humane way to operate. What’s humane about letting migrants kick cops and vanish?” He asked. “The past three years has been nothing but a middle finger to America.”

Calls for deportation of criminal NYC migrants

On Thursday, New York Gov. Kahty Hochul called for the men to be deported. “Get them all and send them back. You don’t touch our police officers. You don’t touch anybody.”

“It is absolutely disgusting that people who are in this country, that are being housed by the taxpayers, would turn around and disrespect our laws and our law enforcement, and I believe that the mayor has to work to deport these individuals,” Staten Island Rep. Nicole Malliotakis remarked.

She urged New York City mayor Eric Adams to work to overturn a law enacted by former NYC mayor Bill de Blasio, which prevents the sanctuary city from deporting criminals.

“It’s unconscionable that individuals are here, they’re committing crimes and that our city is protecting them from deportation,” Malliotakis added.

The suspects face up to seven years in prison for the charges. If they don’t return to court for their hearing on Feb. 20, a bench warrant for their arrests will be issued.

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