Firewood Delivery Driver Bludgeoned To Death By Naked Lunatic

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Firewood delivery
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A Texas firewood delivery man was beaten to death by a naked man with the kindling he was dropping off.

Firewood delivery man attacked by naked man

The victim, identified as 51-year-old Scotty Jackson, had been hired to deliver firewood to a residence in Fort Worth.

The homeowner, who was not identified, was helping him unload the wood from a rented U-haul.

That’s when they were both were approached by 27-year-old Christantus Omondi, who was naked, despite the frigid weather.

“This naked man is three inches from my face, holding a key up to me yelling at me that I was on his property,” the homeowner told Fox 4. “He never wants to see me again. I should leave.”

Homeowner thought the man would kill them

“Scott then replied, ‘No, this is his property and his house. Just let us unload firewood because it’s cold outside.’”

That’s when he was pushed by Omondi, who hit Jackson with a piece of the wood he was delivering.

The homeowner managed to escape and made it inside after being chased by his attacker.

“I fully believe with my whole heart that he was out to murder both of us,” he remarked.

Naked pycho bludgeons firewood delivery man to death

That’s exactly what Omondi did to Jackson, when he dumped a wheelbarrow of wood on top of him and beat him with pieces of the wood he was hauling.

The homeowner watched on in horror from inside the residence, while he was on the phone with 911.

Law enforcement responded to the assault, and discovered Jackson with severe injuries to his head and neck upon arrival at the scene.

Additional witnesses confirmed the homeowner’s account, providing video evidence and thier testimonies.

Meanwhile, Omondi retreated to an AirBNB rental, where he allegedly threatened a woman in the residence’s laundry room.

He told the woman he was “going to f**k” her up as he attempted to barge into her room.

Police arrived at the scene before he could harm her and were forced to use a taser in order to detain Omondi, who exhibited “non-compliant and aggressive” behavior.

Firewood delivery driver’s daughter has only hate for attacker

Jackson’s daughter, Kasey DeLeon, told CBS News that her father was “very hardworking,” and “would do anything for anybody.”

She shared her grief over the loss of her father, expressing her desire for justice to be served after he died so horribly.

“I was shocked…. Hearing how bad it was, my dad didn’t deserve that,” DeLeon commented about the brutal attack.

“He was trying to do something good, and it ended up taking his whole life.”

She recalled speaking to him prior to his last delivery and telling him to “be careful.”

“I’ll never be able to call my dad again. I’ll never be able to see him,” she remarked. “At this moment, I have so much hate towards [Omondi], I have so much anger.”

Christantus Omondi’s rap sheet

According to Fox 4, Omandi has a previous criminal record, which includes evading arrest.

In 2023, he allegedly held a security guard at gunpoint, for which he was charged with aggravated assault  and obstruction.

Omandi has been charged with Jackson’s murder and remains in the Tarrant County Corrections Center, where he is being held on a $312,000 bond.

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