Sugar Baby Accused Of Chopping Off Older Boyfriend’s Thumb To Access His Cash

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Sugar Daddy - Sugar baby
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A 22-year-old “sugar baby” has been arrested for the brutal murder of her 53-year-old “sugar daddy.”

Sugar baby accused of killing older boyfriend

Tiffany Gray has been accused of murdering her Fasil Teklemariam, and cutting off his thumb to access his banking and Uber apps.

Police believe Gray killed her older boyfriend at his Washington D.C. apartment in early April, with the help of three other suspects.

He was last seen in security footage with Gray on April 1, when they entered the building together.

Gray, Audrey Miller, 19, and two men were caught on camera going into and exiting Teklemariam’s apartment building around the time of the murder.

On April 5, the victim’s body was found in his bedroom, surrounded by broken glass. He suffered stab wounds, head trauma, and had his thumb cut off, which police did not find at the scene. It’s unclear if his thumb was dismembered while he was still alive.

A witness revealed that Gray and the other accomplices used Teklemariam’s thumb to access his cash, which was spent marijuana and alcohol.

They also allegedly stole his SUV and cleaned out his apartment of his worldly possessions, including electronics and household items.

The group was seen seen taking the goods from the apartment building in the days leading to the discovery of Teklemariam’s body.

The suspects did actually bring some items into the apartment… Cleaning supplies. However, despite their alleged attempt to clean up the crime scene, a bloody shoe print was later found by investigators.

Gray was quickly identified as a suspect, after DC police found a criminal complaint Teklemariam made against her in October 2023.

At the time, he admitted to police that Gray was his sugar baby, and accused her of stealing his phone to rack up $1,800 in charges on his banking app. They were eventually able to ping his cellphone on a tower near Gray’s apartment, which he was the guarantor of.

Sugar baby allegedly sets up her matches

Detectives believe Gray has a history of setting up men she meets on dating apps and robbing them, which she allegedly did to another victim in May.

According to police, Gray set up a meeting with the man, then showed up at his home with two armed accomplices.

The man was tied up with zip ties and coerced into revealing his banking PIN codes, while they robbed his house.

Gray was arrested on July 1, and is facing charges of first-degree and armed felony murder for killing her sugar daddy.

Miller was arrested ten days earlier and was charged with first-degree murder. She’s currently being held held without bond.

One of the men who accompanied them into the apartment has been identified but not charged with any crime, while the identity of the other man is currently unknown.

Accused California murder suspects have their day in court

Three men, accused of the heinous murder of an elderly tourist during a robbery outside Newport Beach mall appeared in court on Wednesday.

Leroy McCrary, 26, Malachi Darnell, 18, and Jaden Cunningham, 18, actually came to Orange County Superior Court after previously refusing to show up to their previous two arraignments.

All three stand accused of murdering 68-year-old New Zealand tourist Patricia McKay by running her over and dragging her 65 feet with their car after attempting to rob her and her husband, Douglas at Fashion Island mall.

Facing the death penalty if convicted, the men are also charged with attempted second-degree robbery.

McCrary, who was on probation in California despite being convicted of committing theft with a firearm in 2023, was charged with evading police while driving recklessly during a high-speed chase that spanned counties.

Additionally, Darnell faces charges of attempted murder and discharging a firearm after allegedly firing at someone who tried to save McKay’s life during the July 2 crime.

According to police, Darnell and Cunningham, both masked, exited a white Toyota Camry driven by McCrary and confronted the McKays as they left a store.

One of the suspects allegedly held a gun to Mr. McKay’s head, demanding his watch and forcing him to the ground.

When they failed to seize the watch, the robbers turned their aggression towards Mrs. McKay, who was carrying several shopping bags.

Mrs. McKay, trying to cling to her belongings, was allegedly dragged into the street by Cunningham, directly in front of the white getaway car driven by McCrary.

Mr. McKay tried to protect his wife, but McCrary ran over Mrs. McKay and dragged her to her death.

Cunningham, attempting to jump into the moving car, was pursued by a Good Samaritan.

However, the chase ended when Darnell allegedly fired three shots from inside the vehicle, allowing Cunningham get in as they drove away. Fortunately, no one was hit by the gunfire.

Prosecutors revealed that before this tragic robbery and killing, McCrary had past convictions for residential burglary in 2018, criminal threats in 2020, the armed robbery last year.

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