Iowa Woman Arrested For Calling The Cops To Get Out Of A First Date

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An Iowa woman was arrested after she got “cold feet” before a first date with a man she matched with on a dating app, and spun a wild tale that caused him to be detained by police.

Woman arrested for lying to police about her date

Rather than calling off the date, the woman allegedly dialed 911 and insanely accused the man of being her abusive ex-boyfriend who threatened to stab her.

In the extremely early morning hours of June 16, 18-year-old Sumaya Thomas called for emergency assistance claiming that an abusive ex-boyfriend was at her home and threatening her.

“She reported him threatening to cause harm to her,” according to court documents.

Thomas claimed the man was her unborn child’s father and was sending her threatening messages, warning that he would “hit, punch, kick, and stab her.”

Police arrived at the woman’s residence, approached a bewildered man leaving the home, and grilled him on the spot in an “in-depth investigation.”

Thomas’ unlucky match told police that he not actually met her in real life before and that they had connected on a dating app the week before.

He said that their connection had blossomed past talking on the app to text messaging on their phones.

The man also noted that they had planned to meet up at her home that night, but she didn’t answer the door when he came calling.

Instead of making a love connection, the unfortunate man was detained and questioned by police for over an hour.

After investigators reviewed the text messages between the two, police determined that “the conversation showed he was being honest and he really did just meet this female.”

Conversely, when police interviewed Thomas at the scene, she claimed to have known the man for two years and that he would not leave her alone.

She repeated the lie that she was pregnant with his child and that he had been both threatening and abusive towards her, despite having never actually met.

Woman arrested after admitting she lied

After continued questioning, Thomas admitted that she had entirely fabricated the story in her third interview with the police.

The teenager eventually disclosed that she got “cold feet” about meeting him for their first date and made up the accusations in the 911 call.

Thomas justified spinning the convoluted tale by telling investigators she believed the police would not assist her unless she fabricated a more serious situation.

Thomas was charged with two counts of False Report of Indictable Offense to Public Entity and one count of False Report 911 call, according to KCRG.

She was arrested and and bonded out of Johnson County Jail.

Woman arrested for tossing chips around Reno casino

In another bonkers incident, a woman climbed onto a craps table at the Silver Legacy Casino in Nevada and began making it rain with chips that weren’t hers.

Viral videos caught the woman climbing atop a craps table and and throwing chips into the air as casino staff attempted to restrain her.


#casino #looser

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The woman, who was identified as 63-year-old Rebecca Castillo, was seen being grabbed by an employee, but simply reached around him to grab more trips and fling them.

One employee tried to grab her arm, but Castillo leaned over him and flung more casino chips as security guards began to arrive.

Security guards can be seen surrounding the table and one got a hold on by the arms, as someone off camera stated, “She’s going to jail, she’s going to jail.”

Another video posted to X, formerly Twitter, showed Castillo sitting on her feet and swatting at the employee who grabbed her arm.

At one point, he managed to hold her arm, but Castillo flung herself to the side and lay down on the craps table in an apparent attempt to escape his grasp.

Onlookers urged her to “get up, get up.”

Reno police reported that Castillo was taken into custody immediately following the insane incident.

It is unclear why she had the wild outburst, and no information was released about if anyone was injured by the chips.

Castillo faces four counts of battery and was scheduled to appear in court last week.

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