Jealous Boyfriend Nabbed For Attempted Murder Of Adult Film Star

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motorcycle accident - attempted murder
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An extremely jilted lover was arrested for the attempted murder of the adult film star that his ex-girlfriend left him for.

Boyfriend charged with attempted murder of adult film star

Los Angeles police took a man in custody in April after he allegedly attempted to run his car into an adult film star’s motorcycle and then assaulted him with a golf club.

The victim, referred to as “Hamilton” by the LAPD, was cruising on his motorcycle on April 2, when 26-year-old James Gosselin tried to run him off of the road with his car.

Gosselin reportedly was spurred to try to off Hamilton out of jealousy over his ex-girlfriend’s participation in an adult film that starred the man.

Hamilton’s motorcycle was struck twice from behind by the car, causing him to lose balance while riding.

When the car pulled over, he saw Gosselin trying to wrestle on a ski mask in an attempt to conceal his identity, before getting fed up.

The suspect ended up getting out of the car with his mug on full display as he was grasping a golf club as a weapon.

Gosselin allegedly swung the golf club at Hamilton multiple times, and while he mostly missed, one of the blows landed hard enough to bruise Hamilton’s lower back.

Despite being unarmed, Hamilton managed to turn the tables and tackle Gosselin. He landed a nasty punch to his attacker’s face, that managed to fracture his orbital bone before police arrived on scene.

Jealous lover charged with attempted murder

Once he was arrested and in custody, Gosselin confessed to having the ski mask, golf club, and an untraceable ghost gun in his car for the purpose of ending Hamilton’s life.

A mutual friend of the two men informed police that Gosselin was distressed over his recent breakup and his ex quickly moving on in a relationship with Hamilton.

The friend said that Gosselin was so heartbroken, he told him that he planned to knock off Hamilton and use a truck to get rid of his corpse.

Gosselin was slapped with attempted murder, two counts of assault with a deadly weapon other than a firearm, and illegal possession of a loaded gun in public.

He was booked into jail on April 4, and released the next day on $1 million bond. Gosselin pleaded not guilty to all charges on May 3, and is scheduled for a preliminary hearing on June 6.

In another bizarre case, a professional clown from Pennsylvania faces less-than-laughable charges after being arrested in a prostitution sting.

Carbondale Police Department officers conducted an undercover operation last weekend and discovered a man advertising his services online.

But 28-year-old Francis Bui wasn’t clowning around, and instead of hawking balloon animals, he was selling tricks in the escort section of a website.

Officers reportedly set up an rendezvous with Bui, who agreed to perform illicit acts at a hotel for $100 an hour.

Bui was arrested on-site after meeting with an undercover officer instead of a John, and told police that it was his first time clowning around on an escort site.

In the interview, Bui acknowledged to police that he “knew it was wrong” and said he had only attempted the illegal act because he needed the money.

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