Reckless Driver Tosses A $20 At Hit-And-Run Victim Before Striking Another

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Reckless driver
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An extremely reckless driver threw a $20 at a hit-and-run victim before mowing down a second victim minutes later.

Reckless driver takes out two victims during car chase

54-year-old Rodney Jefferson has been accused of making the streets of San Francisco far less safe after allegedly committing two separate hit-and-runs on Tuesday.

According to police, Jefferson making doing doughnuts with his car when he struck his first victim on a crosswalk in the Tenderloin district.

After fleeing the crime scene, Jefferson reportedly sped around a stopped vehicle that was allowing children to cross near a school in North Beach, which is when he struck a 14-year-old girl.

Following the initial crash in the Tenderloin, Jefferson allegedly drove back a few minutes later to throw a twenty at the victim before taking off again.

The hit-and-runs were reportedly a result of a police chase, which began after Jefferson ran a red light in Tenderloin.

When the cops tried to pull him over, he disobeying numerous stop signs and red lights while evading them, then hit his two victims.

The chase came to an end when Jefferson’s Mustang collided with a parked car, which made it undriveable, and led to his arrest.

On Thursday, the District Attorney’s Office in San Francisco slapped Jefferson with multiple charges, including leaving the scene of an accident, reckless driving with injury, evasion of police, and operating a vehicle with a suspended license.

“This type of behavior simply cannot and will not be tolerated whatsoever in this city,” District Attorney Brooke Jenkins said in a statement.

Both of the victims were admitted to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, thought he teenager suffered a broken shoulder and ankle from the collision.

Reckless driver launches trunk with children in the backseat into river

In other poor driving behavior, a woman suspected to be drunk, lost control of her truck and veered off a riverbank with three young girls, including her daughter, in the back seat.

A neighbor’s surveillance system in Newport, Michigan captured this harrowing moment last Sunday afternoon, when  a pickup truck rocketed down the residential street.

Cameras caught the truck smashing against an elevated bank, launching into the air, and plunging into the marshy river below.

The drunk mom and three young girls were rescued from the vehicle and assessed for injuries, with the mother subsequently hospitalized and tested for illicit substances.

Shawlynn Reece, who is one of the girls’ mothers, couldn’t understand how a fellow parent could jeopardize the safety of young children in her care.

“I don’t understand why any grown adult who is supposed to be responsible could put their own kid, let alone someone else’s kids, babies in harm like that,” she remarked.

Thankfully, the crash was so loud that it spurred residents of the neighborhood to check out what the commotion was and spring into action.

In the footage, a witness could be seen taking the girls and drunk driver out of the car, then laying them on the river bank.

Reece explained that her daughter had gone to hang out with her two friends after church. When she rushed to the scene, she said the driver “looked very confused” and seemed to not “realize what she had done.”

He daughter was taken to the hospital for treatment, but was released after receiving stitches, and being treated for a sprained wrist, bruises, and two black eyes.

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