Homeless Las Vegas Man Caught Cannibalizing Corpse

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Cannibal Burger Cannibalizing
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A homeless man was arrested in Las Vegas for cannibalizing the face of a man he allegedly brutally beat to death at a bus station.

Man caught cannibalizing murder victim’s face

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police revealed that they were alerted to a violent altercation between two men at a bus station along South Las Vegas Boulevard before sunrise on Sunday morning.

When police arrived on scene, they discovered the lifeless body of Kenneth Brown, who had severe head injuries.

He was rushed to a local hospital, where a medical team discovered that one of his eyes and ears was missing, before pronouncing him dead.

31-year-old Colin Czech, a homeless man was arrested for Brown’s murder, after police picked him up with “biological matter in his hair, mouth and on his clothing.”

Czech was totally out of it when he was taken into police custody, who said he was drifting in and out of consciousness at the time of his arrest.

The suspect told police he had not slept for five days due an entity “possessing” him, and confessed to gnawing the victims “eyeballs and ears” off with his teeth.

Witness Raymond Garcia was stunned by the absolute horror show he witnessed at the bus stop.

“It was pretty bizarre, man. Obviously there’s a lot of stuff that goes on out here but this takes the cake as far as just all out, out-there-ness, you know what I mean?” he remarked. “I’m not sure what this person may be going through.”

Czech was charged with murder and taken to the hospital. He missed his initial court appearance due to being treated, but is slated for a follow-up on Wednesday.

Another homeless man seen cannibalizing a severed limb

In nearby California, a different homeless man was caught noshing on a severed leg in late March, after the victim was killed by a train.

According to bystanders, 27-year-old Rosendo Tellez picked up the detached limb, sniffed it, and gestured with it.

A construction worker who witnessed the cannibalistic behavior, said “the skin was hanging. You could see the bone,” before he saw Tellez begin chewing on the leg.

“He was biting it and he was hitting it against the wall and everything,” he said about the insane behavior.

Criminal swordsman goes on stabbing spree

In a separate but wildly alarming incident in London, sword-wielding maniac went on a slashing spree that left one dead and injured four others.

A 36-year-old man was arrested after allegedly ramming a van into a residence then proceeded to stab at least five people, including two police officers and a teenager.

Chief Superintendent Stuart Bell confirmed to the New York Post that the attacks resulted in the tragic death of a 14-year-old boy, while the other victims are currently recovering, and their injuries not considered life-threatening.

A doorbell camera captured the suspect, who was wearing a yellow hoodie, advancing through residential front yards with a sword in hand before being surrounded by police and subdued with a taser.

Officials have ruled out terrorism as a motive and are not pursuing other suspects, according to the BBC.

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