Senate Hopeful Becomes The Latest Victim Of San Francisco Robbery

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Adam Schiff - San Francisco robbery
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Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) became the victim of a San Francisco robbery on Thursday ahead of a donor dinner for his Senate campaign, for which he arrive suit-less.

Congressional San Francisco robbery target

According to the San Francisco Chronicle Schiff made the rookie mistake of leaving his luggage in a vehicle in a parking garage in the crime ridden city, which had over 20,000 car break-ins last year.

Schiff, who currently represents California District 30, which covers a wealthy area in Los Angeles, got a rude welcome to the Northern California district he seeks to take over from recently deceased Sen. Dianne Feinstein.

“Yes, they took my bags,” he told the outlet about the theft. “But I’m here to thank Joe.”

Schiff was forced to show up to the donor dinner he was speaking at without a suit, which was in the bags that were stolen from him.

A welcome to San Francisco robbery

“I guess it’s ‘Welcome to San Francisco,’” the press agent for donor Joe Cotchett told the Chronicle.

“Maybe he can go out with (former San Francisco Mayor) Willie Brown to choose a new suit from one of the many fine clothing establishments in San Francisco,” he added. “Willie knows them all.”

Meanwhile, Minnesota State Sen. Nicole Mitchell was arrested on first-degree burglary on Monday.

Mitchell broke into the home of her stepmother at 4:45 a.m. on Monday, after the recent death of her father.

Dem lawmaker terrorizes stepmother

In recently released 911 transcripts, the stepmother told dispatchers, “somebody has broken into my house,” and reported that they ran down into her basement.

At the time of the call, the woman believed that a man had accessed her home through a back window, though it was “completely dark” when they came in and she couldn’t identify them.

When the stepmother got up to check out the commotion, she “tripped over” something near her bedside, which caused the intruder to flee to the basement.

She told dispatchers that she believed the noises she heard was the person trying to escape out of a drop window, and armed herself with a small steak knife in case they came back upstairs while she was waiting for police.

When officers arrived on scene, they found Mitchell, who was dressed like a cat burglar in black clothing and a black hat, in the basement.

She reportedly had flashlight with a sock over it and a black backpack stuffed with two laptops, a cellphone, Tupperware and her identification.

Mitchell maintained that she was in the residence to do a wellness check on a family member who had Alzheimer’s, but contradicted herself when she spoke directly to her stepmother.

“I was just trying to get a couple of my dad’s things because you wouldn’t talk to me anymore,” Mitchell said to her stepmother at the time of her arrest.

She released from custody after her court appearance on Tuesday, under the condition that she remains a law-abiding citizen until her next court date on June 10.

Minnesota state senator refuses to resign

In a statement released on Thursday, Mitchell said that she was “extremely disappointed” that the criminal complaint against her lacks “important context” which includes the fact that she has known and “deeply cares about” the victim.

“It saddens me that some people are attempting to use a tragic family situation to score political points, and I am grateful to those who believe, as I always have, that everyone should be allowed the due process guaranteed by our Constitution,” she added.

Minnesota State Republicans have already filed an ethics complaint against the Democrat lawmaker over the incident.

“I am confident that a much different picture will emerge when all of the facts are known. I am as committed to my constituents today as the day I was elected, including important work for veterans and children, and I do not intend to resign,” Mitchell stated.

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