Illegal Chicago Migrant ‘Nearly Decapitated’ Wife In Gruesome Murder

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Chicago migrant
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An illegal Chicago migrant was charged with brutally murdering his wife in front of the couple’s two children.

Chicago migrant murders wife two weeks after entering the United States

Baltazar Perez-Estrada, 33, an illegal alien who just arrived in the United States was accused of killing his wife, Maricela Simon Franco, 26, during a domestic incident at her home on Sunday evening

According to the office of DuPage County State’s Attorney Robert Berlin, Perez-Estrada turned himself in to the Carol Stream Police Department on Monday morning.

After confessing to stabbing his wife, Perez-Estrada was detained, and an investigation was immediately opened into the slaying.

“It is alleged that the argument turned physical resulting in Perez-Estrada stabbing Franco dozens of times about her head, neck, body and hands, nearly decapitating her head,” the statement read.

“She was pronounced deceased at the scene. Authorities also learned that Perez-Estada had been residing in Mexico and illegally arrived in the United States approximately two weeks ago.”

Chicago migrant charged with murder

Perez-Estrada was charged with five counts of First Degree Murder and is scheduled for to appear in court on April 25. He was also charged with illegally entering the United States.

“Not only has this senseless and brutal act removed Maricela from their lives, but it has robbed two young children of their mother,” Carol Stream Police Chief Don Cummings remarked.

“As domestic violence continues to victimize so many, law enforcement within DuPage County stands ready to partner with available social service programs to provide a sustainable resolution to those in need.”

In an unrelated incident, an illegal alien with prior deportations and numerous arrests has also been charged with murder in Ohio.

Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones held a news briefing last Friday to discuss a suspect that he argued reflects a broader issue with illegal immigration in the country.

Fermin Garcia-Gutierrez, a 46-year-old man from Mexico who has been sent back to his home country by U.S. authorities on multiple occasions.

He has faced arrest 11 times within Butler County dating back to November 2001. When apprehended, Garcia-Gutierrez has supplied several aliases and birth dates to law enforcement.

On his most recent arrest in the county, which occurred on March 16, he faced allegations of intoxication while handling weapons, illicit concealment of weapons, drug possession, and impeding official procedures.

He has been detained by ICE, but authorities believe he Garcia-Gutierrez might actually be linked to a homicide.

A man, whose name has not been disclosed, was found dead in a Hamilton, Ohio alleyway on a Monday afternoon.

Details on the cause of death have not been released, but it has been declared as a murder  and investigators suspect that Garcia-Gutierrez is behind the crime.

Even though Garcia-Gutierrez has been detained for around three weeks, it is believed by the investigators that the incident with the victim occurred on March 14, two days before his latest arrest.

“That person would be alive today” if not for the accused, who does not hold the right to remain in the U.S., hinted the sheriff.

Jones said that due to the recent flood of migrants, every part of the United States is a “border” state and county.

“We have an illegal that’s here, and he’s been deported eight times in our county, and he’s committed 20 crimes,” the sheriff explained.

“He’s had seven different names, and now he’s charged with murder, aggravated murder, and who knows who else he’s killed along the way or killed in Mexico.”

In addition to the multiple charges against him, Garcia-Gutierrez has been slapped with aggravated murder.

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