Homeless Man Caught On Video Cannibalizing Severed Leg

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woman walking with red high heels and luggage bag - cannibalizing
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A man who is believed to be homeless was seen cannibalizing a severed human leg on a sidewalk last week.

Homeless man caught on camera cannibalizing limb

Disturbing video footage has captured the incident where a man is seen holding onto a detached human limb following an accident involving a train in Wasco, California.

Bystanders watched in shock, recording as 27-year-old Rosendo Tellez allegedly picked up the severed leg, sniffed it, and gestured with it.

Construction workers who were near the train station witnessed the entire ordeal.

Jose Ibarra said he saw Tellez, who he believes to be homeless, walking by the construction site while he was “waving a person’s leg.”

“On the leg, the skin was hanging. You could see the bone,” he described the grisly scene.

As he moved past them, Ibarra witnessed Tellez start chewing on the leg.

“He was biting it and he was hitting it against the wall and everything,” the California construction worker said about Tellez’s insane behavior.

Man stole leg he was cannibalizing from accident scene

The incredibly odd event happened after a person who has yet to be identified was hit by an Amtrak train on Friday morning, while they were standing on a train platform.

While the investigation of that incident is still ongoing, police know that the person was instantly killed by the impact, which also severed their leg.

Once Tellez got a hold of the limb, witnesses called 911 to report that he was carrying it around and snacking on the limb like a drumstick. The Kern County Sheriff’s Office was still investigating the train collision nearby when they got the call.

In one of several videos documenting the alleged act of cannibalism, multiple law enforcement vehicles can be seen arriving at the Amtrack railroad area.

Tellez was caught on camera nonchalantly walked down the road with the leg in his possession.

At one point, he leaned down to smell the limb, wiped his face, and tossed it in the air while police vehicles surrounded him.

Despite being so unhinged that he was chewing on a dismembered leg, Tellez was not combative when approached by police officers and was taken into custody without resisting.

After his arrest, Tellez was found to have outstanding warrants, and faces charges of removing body parts from a non-cemetery.

He is currently being held in jail until his expected arraignment on March 26.

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