Drunk Parents Arrested After Passing Out On The Beach While Their Children Ran Wild

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drunk parents asleep at the beach
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A pair of passed-out drunk parents were tossed into the clink after having way too much to drink and leaving their small children unattended on a Florida beach.

Drunk parents take a nap in the sand instead of watching children

Alyssia Langley, 27, along with her hubby, Timothy Stephens, also 27, were taken into custody on charges of neglecting their children at Daytona Beach on Saturday.

Volusia County Sheriff’s deputies found them passed out and cuddled together in the sand after someone called 911 about their state of inebriation.

They were both so sauced it took the police eight attempts to wake them up, which was caught on body camera footage.

A deputy is heard shouting at them to “wake up” while identifying himself as a sheriff’s deputy.

Authorities noted that an opened beer can was lying next to Stephens’ hand, with multiple beer cans already empty nearby.

Additionally, they found an empty whiskey bottle inside a cooler, and a variety of other unsealed alcoholic drinks scattered around them.

When the couple finally regained consciousness and were questioned about the whereabouts of their children, they appeared disoriented, unsure, and incredibly sunburned.

The video shows Stephens calling out for his two kids when he realizes they’re nowhere in sight.

Langley tried to assure officers that her children were “right there,” gesturing towards the shoreline. The deputies followed Stephens to the water as he searched for the children.

The neglected children aged 5 and 7, were eventually discovered in a nearby swimming pool area, where they were fortunately found to be unharmed during the time they spent fending for themselves.

Sheriff stunned by drunk parents’ neglect of young children

Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood was clearly disgusted with the pair when he spoke to Fox 35 Orlando about the situation.

“It just boggles my mind that you would drive here and get obliterated and allow a 5- and a 7-year-old to wander off,” he remarked.

“And clearly, these two clowns shouldn’t be in charge of … they can’t be in charge of themselves, let alone a five-year-old or a seven-year-old.” Chitwood added.

When the couple, who are engaged, were taken into custody, Langley called the arresting officers “d***heads,” after she asked Stephens who was going to bail them out and pick up their children.

Stephens proved to be even more combative then his missus, when he broke into a run in an attempt to escape, despite being handcuffed.

He didn’t make it very far, toppling face first into the sand while being pursued by deputies.

His half-baked attempt to flee left him with gnarly bruises on his right eye and lower cheek, which were clearly visible in his mugshot.

Stephens was also charged with attempting to evade arrest and possession of alcoholic beverages on the beach.

Neglectful mother gets life after toddler starves to death

In what is possibly the worst example of bad parenting, an Ohio mother left her 16-month daughter alone in a playpen for ten days, while she vacationed on her own in Puerto Rico.

32-year-old Kristel Candelario’s daughter Jailyn starved to death last summer after being abandoned without food, water, or adult supervision, when she flew out of the country.

She pleaded guilty to aggravated murder and child endangerment in order to avoid two more murder charges and and a felonious assault charge.

Candelario told the court that “God and my daughter have forgiven me,” when she was sentenced to life in prison without parole this week.

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