Female Police Officer In Uniform Robs Sporting Goods Store

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female police officer in uniform
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A female police officer in uniform was caught shop lifting at a sporting good store while she was on duty.

Female police officer in uniform caught shoplifting

Mississippi cop Robin Conner was apprehended and jailed after being accused of stealing athletic footwear during her shift.

The incident occurred this Wednesday when Conner, 33, drove her patrol vehicle to a Dick’s Sporting Goods located within her jurisdiction in Columbus, Mississippi during the middle of her shift.

According to the New York Post Conner tried on a $140 pair of sneakers and tried to wear them out of a store.

A store employee kept her from leaving the premises and ironically called Conner’s coworkers for help.

Once he was informed of his underling’s actions, Columbus Police Chief Joseph Daughtry was furious and “embarrassed.”

He decided to go down to the store with the assistant police chief and personally arrest Conner.

They humiliatingly cuffed the shoplifting cop and transported her to lockup in her own patrol car.

In a direct quote Daughtry stated, “We’re going to treat her like we would anybody else.”

Female police officer in uniform booked in jail

Conner was taken to the Lowndes County Adult Detention Center while still in uniform, and charged shoplifting less than $1,000 worth of goods. The charge is a misdemeanor.

Her bond was set at $862, which she’ll have to cough up if she wants to get out of jail before her April 4 court hearing.

After the shocking theft, she was initially subjected to administrative leave, but the Columbus City Council decided to terminate Conner’s employment unanimously when they voted the next day.

Chief Daughtry referred to the situation as a “gut punch,” acknowledging the high standards law enforcement is held to and how the local public is just starting to trust the department.

“That’s why we fulfilled our obligation, not only to the store, but to the community,” he remarked.

Daughtry said he would have turned Conner’s case over to another agency if it was more serious, but noted that the theft was “a misdemeanor and it’s pretty much cut and dried.”

Conner should definitely understand the difference between right and wrong, not only was she not a rookie cop, this is the second time she has been employed at the department. Her second and final stint began in August 2022.

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