7-Year-Old Son Run Over By Mom Making Him Walk Home From School As Punishment

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A seven-year-old boy was run over by his own mother, when she forced him to walk home from school as a punishment.

Boy run over by mom in wildly bad parenting moment

27-year-old Sarai Rachel James won’t be nominated for mother of the year after mowing down her misbehaving child.

James was called into the principles office on Feb. 9, when she picked up her son from school at 3:30 on a Friday.

She learned that her son, who has not been named, was a bad boy during class that morning.

After collecting the child and driving away from the elementary school in Boaz, Alabama, she abruptly pulled over.

James told the boy that his punishment for behaving badly was walking the rest of the way home.

She gave him the option to either walking or running the remaining eight blocks to their residence.

Seven-year-old run over in punishment gone wrong

Along the way, she trailed him in the car for a few blocks, but the horrible disciplinary measure took a terrible turn.

According to the Boaz Police, the child either got tired or decided to resist his mother’s insane punishment.

In an act of defiance, he tried to grab the door handle of the vehicle and get back inside.

Instead of stopping, James hit the gas and her son was pulled underneath the car.

In a stunning display of zero mothering instincts, she ran her own child over with the rear tire of her moving vehicle.

Thankfully, the boy managed to miraculously survive the vehicular version of corporal punishment.

He was transported to the University of Alabama hospital and treated for abrasions on his back and the side of his head.

According to Boaz Chief of Police Michael Abercrombie, “God watched over him.”

Which is fortunate, because clearly his mom wasn’t. James was taken into police custody and charged with aggravated child abuse.

Her unnamed passenger, a 53-year-old woman, who clearly didn’t object to the insane form of punishment, was also arrested.

The passenger was slapped with misdemeanor charge of endangering the welfare of a child and released back into society on a $500 bond.

Abercrombie said that James accidentally ran over her son and “may not have realized” that he was pulling the handle when she gunned it.

She got out of jail three days later on $50,000 bond, but is not allowed to have any contact with her child.

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