Florida Mom Busted For Stealing Christmas Gifts For Kids

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Christmas gifts for kids
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A woman in Florida was taken into police custody after attempting to convince the media and law enforcement officials that the presents she bought her children for Christmas had been stolen.

Shana Anica Hudson, 39, contacted local authorities near Fort Meyers on Nov. 19 to report that her children’s Christmas gifts, had been stolen from her home in Lehigh Acres.

Florida mom claims Christmas gifts for kids stolen from home

She even went as far as contacting the media to share her story, claiming that she wanted her children to “have a decent Christmas,” which would be impossible after their gifts were all taken.

“Turn yourself in and bring us back our stuff so me and my kids can have a good Christmas,” she urged the criminal.

Her story tugged on the heart strings of the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, who teamed up with the area’s American Legion Auxiliary Unit, to replace the gifts with money they raised at a “Shop with a Cop” event .

All too soon, investigators trying to solve the crime found out the the stolen gift story was actually a grift.

Information provided to Crime Stoppers triggered a series of events the sheriff’s office described as “Grinch-like.”

Florida Mom suspected of stealing Christmas gifts for kids herself

After the tip, the distraught mother became the main suspect in the crime.

Once they figured out who their main woman was, a search revealed that the family’s stolen gifts were really stowed away at a residence belonging to one of Hudson’s relatives.

They located a storage container full of wrapped presents behind a washing machine, and two flat screen televisions hidden under the covers of a made bed.

Hudson was taken into police custody on Dec. 4, on charges of filing a false police report, which is a felony offense.

The sheriff’s office took a lighthearted approach in publicizing Hudson’s arrest on their Facebook page.

Their post hilariously began with, “Riiiing Riiiing Hey Shana, Who-ville Called, they want their Grinch back.”

Florida mom trolled by cops for stealing Christmas gifts for kids in scam

Alongside the post, a video featured an individual dressed as the Grinch frolicking while Hudson was led away to a paddy wagon.

She was taken to the detention facility known colloquially as the Marceno Motel, in reference to Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno, which was painted on the side of the prisoner transport vehicle.

“Hudson was transported to the Marceno Motel for her charge where this Grinch will have plenty of time to think twice about stealing Christmas,” the department wrote.

They added the incredibly on point hashtags #YoureAMeanOne and #StealingChristmasBackfired.

“This pathetic behavior is unacceptable, especially given the circumstances this holiday season,” added Sheriff Marceno.

“This woman took advantage of the system and is now paying the price for her selfish choices.”

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