Judge Rules That Transgender Identifying Man Can’t Sue Ex Over Tossed Testicles

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removed testicles
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A transgender woman cannot sue an ex-partner over the disposal of a pair of surgically removed testicles.

In a disgustingly unique legal case, Brianna Kingsley, 40, found herself at odds with an ex-boyfriend over the possession of her former pair of balls.

Transgender identifying male wants surgically removed testicles back

Looking to reclaim what she considered rightfully hers, Kingsley took the matter to court demanding the return of the testicles which were being stored in a mason jar and located in her ex’s refrigerator beside the eggs… Chicken eggs, to clarify.

Alongside the retrieval of the “human remains specimen,” as referred to in the lawsuit, she sought compensation amounting to $6,500.

In response to the allegations, the ex-boyfriend, William Wojciechowski, aged 37, filed a counterclaim for the same amount.

He cited humiliation from the extensive media coverage their dispute attracted, with the case gaining attention from news outlets worldwide.

The situation was further complicated by a past event in January 2023 when Kingsley, escorted by an Oakland County sheriff’s deputy, visited Wojciechowski’s residence to collect personal belongings.

District Judge Jeremy Bowie referred to this incident, indicating Kingsley missed the chance to retrieve the testicles at that point.

Kingsley had been released from jail at the time, after breaching a personal protection order filed by Wojciechowski.

Ex-boyfriend throws out surgically removed testicles

Wojciechowski told the court that he had disposed of the testicles by July, claiming the items were decomposing and creating an undesirable environment in his refrigerator.

“They were rotting in my fridge, and it was disgusting — I’ve got food in there I wanted to eat,” he detailed. “She didn’t keep them in a biohazard container like she was supposed to.”

Kingsley defended her decision to keep the testicles in the mason jar in the fridge, citing her coping mechanism that involves finding humor in her trauma from the elective surgery.

Kingsley had also shared her story on TikTok in 2022 where she is seen unboxing and displaying the testicles, preserved within a biohazard bag at the time.

During the hearing, she claimed the cut off organs had sentimental value. She maintained that the testicles were invaluable to her and that being denied access to them constituted a significant personal violation.

Judge Bowie grappled with the challenge of assigning monetary value to the disputed items.

The surgery that took place on March 23, 2022, at Henry Ford Hospital, which had a price tag of $20,000, was paid by the state because Kingsley is disabled.

This point was highlighted by the judge to argue against any financial gain for Kingsley due to the claim.

“But the state paid for that; you didn’t,” Bowie remarked. “You’re not going to be unjustly enriched.”

The legal scuffle culminated in Pontiac’s 50th District Court this week with a decision made by Judge Bowie on Wednesday.

The verdict was unfavorable to both parties, denying each individual’s claim for $6,500 in damages.

The ruling coincided with another hearing where Kingsley was a no-show. This related case involved allegations of destruction of property, where Kingsley is accused of external damage to Wojciechowski’s home.

Trans-identifying male dodges jail time for assaulting baby

In a separate incident in Kentucky, a trans-identifying male, Maria Childers, faced first-degree sexual abuse of a minor under 12.

Childers avoided prison time following an incident where they allegedly abused a baby while changing its diaper.

A co-worker claimed to have observed Childers making inappropriate gestures and horrific comments towards the infant.

Charges against Childers were lessened from first-degree sexual abuse to a misdemeanor sexual misconduct charge.

Under the terms, the former daycare employee at Explore Learning Academy now faces restrictions prohibiting visits to the daycare and all contact with children.

Initially denying any involvement, Childers faced arrest after evidence contradicted their claims.

Childers, having hired a prominent trans-activist lawyer, Madison Leach, later benefited from ill-treatment claims due to the lack of estrogen accessibility while in confinement.

The lawyer’s argument swayed the court to lower the bond, which ultimately led to Childers’ release in January 2024 for a mere $5,000.

Childers struck a deal with the prosecutors, resulting in a reduced sentence upon a guilty plea.

Judge Joseph Roark imposed a 12-month sentence on Childers, conditionally suspended for 6 months, for the Class A Misdemeanor Sexual Misconduct. Other abuse charges were subsequently dismissed.

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