Former Trump Official Dies After Washington D.C. Carjacking

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Capitol Hill, Washington D.C. carjacking
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A former Trump administration official did not survive the gunshot he incurred during Washington D.C. carjacking last week.

Washington D.C. carjacking victim dies of injuries

Mike Gill, known for his tenure as chief of staff at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission under the previous administration, succumbed to injuries after a violent carjacking incident in the capital city, according to details shared with Fox News.

On an otherwise unremarkable Monday evening, around 5:45 p.m. on K Street NW, tragedy struck when Gill was attacked in his vehicle—an event that would lead to his untimely demise.

The assailant was identified as Artell Cunningham, 28, whose subsequent actions would escalate into an aggressive carjacking spree.

About an hour post the assault on Gill, Cunningham attempted to commandeer a Mercedes-Benz, this time targeting a couple at 3rd and N Streets Northeast.

Alberto Vasquez, Jr., a 35-year-old victim, suffered a fatal altercation with Cunningham, who then seized a Chrysler 200 for his escape.

The following day, an SUV that was later determined to be stolen, was found disabled, which led authorities to Cunningham.

When confronted, he wielded a pair of handguns and opened fire, targeting a police cruiser on Interstate 295.

His actions resulted in damage to the vehicle and Cunningham was neutralized by law enforcement in New Carrollton, Maryland.

Remembering Mike Gill after his life ended in a tragic D.C. carjacking

News of Gill’s passing was tenderly disclosed by his wife, Kristina Gill, to FOX 5 DC.

Her statement resonated with the profound shock and emptiness felt by those left behind.

She voiced deep appreciation for the swathes of support and compassion offered by their community in the wake of their sorrow.

“His sudden departure has left a void in our lives that can never be filled,” his grieving widow stated.

After his time under Trump, Gill worked as a senior vice president for Capital Markets at the Housing Policy Council, when his contributions and presence as a father, husband, and friend were cut abruptly short.

He leaves behind a legacy acknowledged by former CFTC chairman Christopher Giancarlo, who described Gill as a paragon of goodness, honesty, and heart—a void presence now deeply felt and irreplaceable.

“His life reflects everything that is good and right and true,” Giancarlo told FOX 5.

“Words cannot express the tragedy of the loss of this fine man, colleague, and cherished friend. He will be sorely missed and long remembered.”

Trump remembers Gill after devastating D.C. carjacking

Gill’s carjacking death underscores a disturbing trend in the nation’s capital where vehicle thefts have been on a steady ascent for the last several years, culminating in 959 reported incidents in 2023 alone, say Metropolitan Police Department statistics.

In response to this tragedy, the former President remarked on his social platform regarding the exceptional nature of Mike Gill and the grievous circumstances surrounding his loss, compounded by the increasing violence in the capital city and calling for governmental intervention.

“Wonderful and brilliant Mike Gill, a highly respected member of the Trump Administration, was ruthlessly and viciously shot in the head during a carjacking in Washington, D.C.,” he posted to Truth Social on Sunday.

“He was a SPECIAL PERSON — His family and friends are devastated. The Federal Government must take over D.C. God bless Michael and his family!”

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