Brother Finds DJ Slick Rick’s Decapitated Body

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DJ Slick Rick Decapitated Body
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Memphis DJ Slick Rick’s decapitated body found by his brother on Wednesday, but police found no foul play.

Rick Buchanan, who goes by the moniker DJ Slick Rick, was found inside of his home in the Berclair neighborhood.

Brother reels in horror after finding DJ Slick Rick’s decapitated body

His brother, John Buchanan, stumbled in on the grisly scene after the musician’s neighbor called imploring him to do a wellness check on the artist.

Upon arriving at his brother’s Memphis home, he noticed some odd details, though none of them could of prepared him for discovering his brother’s beheaded corpse.

“A lot of things were weird,” Buchanan said according to The Sun.

The oddities included finding the back door to the home open and DJ Slick Rick’s dog out in the yard.

“He had his keys still in his hand,” Buchanan detailed. “His pants were pulled down to his feet and the back door was wide open, so that’s the weird stuff.”

When John initially discovered his brother’s body, it wasn’t clear to him that he had been beheaded.

“I thought his coat was up over his head like it was cold or something,” he explained.

“I ran out and then I ran back in. And, then I realized it was something worse.”

When he “walked in and found him,” John called 911 immediately.

Once police arrived, they opened an investigation into the once popular DJ’s homicide.

DJ Slick Rick’s 2014 shooting

John said his brother had been a prominent performer in the Memphis area until he was shot outside of bar in 2014.

“Two guys with bandanas ran down the wall with pistols and opened fire. I didn’t even have a dollar on me,” Rick told WMC-TV about the incident at the time.

The establishment he was gunned down in front of, The Stage Stop in Raleigh, belonged to his mother.

Rick said he had just told patrons of the club that it was time for last call, then went outside to walk the parking lot to check if it was safe for customers to exit.

Clearly it wasn’t, as two masked and armed men got the jump on him and demanded money.

After being shot, he ran back into the bar and laid down on the floor. “I’m going into shock and about to die. I’ve been shot,” he thought at the time.

But Rick survived and lived to tell the tale from a hospital bed at the Regional Medical Center, where he was laid up for weeks.

John told Fox 13 that everything changed for his bother after the shooting.

The once popular DJ had trouble finding gigs and became a homebody.

Police find no foul play in connection with DJ Slick Rick’s decapitated body

Now John and the family are left to pick up the pieces after his brother’s untimely demise.

“We just are securing the property,” he told the outlet. “Making funeral arrangements. Taking care of my mom.”

Despite finding his headless body at the home, the Memphis Police Department have yet to determine the cause of DJ Slick Rick’s death.

Remarkably, even after all of John’s unusual findings at the scene of the crime, the department told TMZ that the found no foul play, but are still investigating the death.

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