Owner Of Home Where Three Kansas City Chiefs Fans Froze To Death Has Inconsistent Account Of Events

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Three Kansas City Chiefs fans mysteriously froze to death in a friend’s backyard after viewing a game. Now his story about the events of that night is falling apart.

Homeowner’s bizarre account of how three Kansas City Chiefs fans froze to death after viewing party

Jordan Willis said that he was unaware of their lifeless bodies on his property for an entire two days until authorities arrived to conduct a search.

Willis hosted the gathering for his pals Ricky Johnson, 38, David Harrington, 37, and Clayton McGeeney, 36, to view the Chiefs’ go head-to-head against the Los Angeles Chargers at at his Kansas City house on January 7.

According to him, he retired for the night, leaving the trio downstairs to socialize with an unidentified fifth individual.

“When he would have people over at his house, yes sometimes as people, they get tired, they’re people that are very close to you and you feel comfortable going to bed and allowing them to leave when they want to leave,” his lawyer John Picerno defended in a statement.

Willis claimed that oblivious to their deaths for two days, until one of the men’s fiancée forcibly entered the home on Jan. 9 and found her lover’s body on his back porch.

When police came, they found the bodies of his other two friends in the backyard.

Willis told police that his three buddies froze to death. However, weather reports from that afternoon to night that day ranged from 39ºF to 35ºF.

Police not investigating KC Chiefs fans’ deaths as homicides

Early investigations determined there was no foul play at the scene, but the three men’s cause of death is still pending confirmation by the medical examiner.

The families of the deceased men don’t believe Willis’ story and want answers from the police.

Harrington’s mother, Jennifer Marquez, refuted the account, stating, “Nobody believes this story… Everybody is furious.” Johnson’s mother also voiced her concerns, exclaiming, “Something is not right.”

Willis’ statements about the events have already changed, and his behavior isn’t exactly inspiring the victim’s families to have confidence that he wasn’t involved.

His legal counsel claimed that he had seen the men depart the house prior to retiring for the night, but has already altered the story to say that they were still in the house in the company of the another man, who has yet to be identified.

“It’s got a lot of holes in it, like last time he saw them they were leaving the house, but he didn’t know they had left, that doesn’t make much sense,” Caleb McGeeney, victim Clayton McGeeney’s cousin, told Fox 4.

Willis claimed that he did not notice the deceased individuals’ vehicles parked on the street since he did not venture outside of his home on January 8.

He also said that none of the three men’s relatives tried to contact him before the police were called to his residence, but family members disputed his account.

Willis changed his story again, when his lawyer said that two people did come by his house, but he wasn’t aware because he sleeps with headphones on and had a loud fan going.

He also acknowledged receiving a message from one of his dead buddy’s wives via Facebook Messenger, but said that he didn’t see it until after the police got involved.

To make matters even stranger, Willis has since moved out of the residence.

Frozen Kansas City Chiefs fans deaths not being investigated as homicides

Despite Willis’ odd behavior and conflicting accounts, the Kansas City Police Department isn’t investigating the deaths a homicides, and Willis, who Captain Jake Becchina said was “cooperative with detectives,” has not been charged.

Johnson’s brother Jonathan Price isn’t satisfied with the investigation or Willis’ account.

“There’s many different things that don’t add up, we just don’t understand how somebody would at least be investigated in any way,” he told NewsNation.

“My brother was a smart man, and there’s no way that he would just freeze to death,” he added. “Freezing to death is not a cause of death that I would accept.”

Fifth friend gives account of events the last night three Kansas City Chiefs fans were seen alive

The unidentified fifth man who as at the viewing party with his three deceased friends disputed Willis’ recollection of January 7.

The man’s attorney told Fox 4 that he arrived at Willis’ home at around 7:00pm and left just after midnight, when all three of the men were sitting on the couch with Willis watching Jeopardy!.

The lawyer also said that the fifth man received texts from McGeeney’s fiance and Johnson’s mother on Tuesday looking for the men. He texted Willis and Johnson, but received no responses back.

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