How A Pot-Bellied Pig Destroyed His Owners’ Residence In A House Fire

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pot-bellied pig who set a house fire
Photo Credit: "Cerdito vietnamita / Vietnamese pot-bellied pig" by Marianne Perdomo is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/?ref=openverse.

A Pennsylvania residence was destroyed in a house fire caused by a pot-bellied pig’s attempt to keep warm in the cold weather.

The incident occurred in Slippery Rock, where a family had provided overhead shelter, hay, and a heat lamp for their pig named Albert.

Albert lights a house fire that almost killed his family

However, it is believed that Albert piled extra hay too close to the heat lamp in an effort to stay warm, resulting in the fire.

Owner Margaret Painter told WTAE 4 ABC that she had added extra hay for Albert in anticipation of the snow, but the pig accidentally knocked the hay into the heat lamp, igniting the fire.

The unfortunate incident took place on New Year’s Eve, when the family noticed an orange glow outside their window.

The blaze entered the house in a flash, when Tom Painter opened the door to his home.

Efforts to extinguish the fire were in vain as the fire tore through the house and “the windows started exploding.”

Family survives tragic New Year’s Eve house fire

Fortunately, the family was able to escape the fire, but tragically, two of their cats lost their lives.

Three other cats and one dog survived the incident. Albert, the 8-year-old pig, also survived but sustained burns in the process.

Reports indicate that Albert was initially taken to a rescue ranch and later transferred to Ohio State University Veterinary Medical Center, where he received treatment for smoke inhalation and burns.

Following a month of recovery, Albert will be relocated to Kindred Spirits Rescue Ranch in Darlington Township, Beaver County, Pennsylvania.

Former flame tries to destroy ex-beau’s happiness in a house fire

A 20-year-old woman from Tennessee was arrested after allegedly attempting to ignite her ex-boyfriend’s bed while he, his girlfriend, and their infant were asleep.

First responders were called and quickly extinguished the fire upon arrival.

Fortunately, the unnamed man, woman, and baby were not hurt by the arson attempt.

According to WREG-TV, the current girlfriend stated that she awoke to the sound of someone attempting to light a lighter outside the bedroom where she was sleeping with her new partner and the baby.

Although she noticed someone looking inside through the door’s crack, she presumed it was one of her boyfriend’s siblings who also reside in the home, and went back to sleep.

However, the girlfriend woke up shortly after in horror to find the comforter covering them completely ablaze.

The boyfriend managed to extinguish the flames and ran out to the front yard where he confronted his ex-girlfriend, Derica B. Wiggins, in the driveway.

Man finds out his ex-girlfriend tried to set his new family on fire

Wiggins was later identified as the individual captured on a Ring doorbell camera entering and leaving the home right around the time the fire was set.

Court records indicate that Wiggins is facing charges of aggravated arson, damaging someone else’s property by fire, reckless burning, and two counts of aggravated assault.

Although no injuries were sustained by the victims, authorities reported smoke damage within the bedroom and significant burn marks on the comforter.

After her arrest, Wiggins was held in the Shelby County Jail on $150,000 bond.

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