Bobcat Tractor Driver Goes On Home Depot Rampage, Attacks Cops

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Bobcat tractor skid loader
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An unhinged Bobcat tractor driver recently caused significant mayhem in a Nebraska shopping center, while eyewitness watched on in horror.

Bobcat tractor driver gone wild

Insane video caught the driver pursuing vehicles around a Home Depot lot and intentionally colliding with them.

The man even employed the Bobcat tractor’s shovel to lift and drop an SUV onto another car, as well as shattering the glass doors of a nearby liquor store.

Lincoln police promptly responded to the scene after receiving a distress call around 2:30pm on Sunday afternoon, discovering a man purposefully ramming into vehicles with a Bobcat skid steer loader.

He didn’t bother stopping when police arrived on at Home Depot and instead brazenly attacked their vehicle.

The maniac Bobcat tractor driver pushed the patrol car through the ice covered lot while the patrolman was still inside the vehicle.

His intention was clearly intended to maim, as he positioned the shovel to the construction vehicle’s window height, right before gunning for car.

The Bobcat tractor was caught on camera forcefully colliding with the patrol vehicle from the side and propelling it several yards.

The driver appeared poised to initiate another attack, but stopped short when the officer hopped out of the battered vehicle and pulled his service weapon on the unhinged man.

The suspect eventually disembarked from the Bobcat tractor and was subsequently apprehended.

Bobcat tractor driver causes major damages to cars at Home Depot

In addition to attacking police, the driver also caused damage to the exterior of two businesses.

Video footage from a liquor store captured the Bobcat aggressively slamming the vehicle into the glass sliding doors until they shattered.

Another video displays the driver chasing after a white pick-up truck, relentlessly pursuing it with the raised shovel.

Fortunately, the pick-up truck managed to maneuver away, and was able to flee from the parking lot unscathed.

Other car owners weren’t as fortuitous. In another video, the Bobcat tractor can be seen picking up a Toyota SUV and dropping it onto another car.

Once the officer pulled his weapon on the Bobcat driver, it reportedly took four more patrolmen to get him out of the vehicle and arrest him.

Nebraska Bobcat skid steer driver identified

He was eventually identified as Samuel Peyrot, a 36-year-old resident of Lincoln, Nebraska.

As a result of this rampage, one individual sustained minor injuries, and multiple cars incurred damage.

Peyrot was charged with second-degree assault on an officer, second-degree assault, and criminal mischief.

The motive behind the man’s destructive spree with a construction vehicle remains unclear, but it reportedly happened on the day of his 37th birthday.

Some of the video was captured by 62-year-old Jeff McRichards who was at Home Depot at the time of Peyrot’s rampage.

“I was buying some parts to fix my washing machine,” McRichards said after recording what he witnessed. “It was crazy, some guy stole a Bobcat… went on a rampage. (He) destroyed the front doors of a liquor store, destroyed cars in a Taco Bell parking lot, and an ATM before going after the cop car.”

“I have no idea whose it was or how he got into it,” McRichards recalled.

The Lincoln Police Department has since discovered that Peyrot stole the Bobcat tractor from his employer, but did not indicate if additional charges had been filed relating to the vehicle theft.

The suspect has since been detained in Lancaster County Jail without bond.

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