Man Arrested For Naked Cannonball Into Fish Tank At Bass Pro Shop Leeds

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Bass Pro Shop Leeds
Photo Credit: "Bass Pro Shop Dolphin Mall" by Phillip Pessar is licensed under CC BY 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/?ref=openverse.

A naked Alabama man having a mental breakdown did a cannonball into the fish tank at Bass Pro Shop Leeds last week.

Mentally ill man takes a naked swim at Bass Pro Shop Leeds

42-year-old Brian Owens went unfortunately viral when multiple customer videos captured the moment he did a cannonball off the top floor into the store’s aquarium.

Owens floundered around alongside the live fish in the pond, sloshing water over the edge and onto the ground an entire story below.

He let it all dangle out in front of the clear glass exterior of the tank as he argued with the police officers that were already on scene.

Events quickly turned from bizarre to dangerous, when he hung over the edge of the aquarium and ultimately hefted himself up and over.

Owens faceplanted, wet and naked, onto the ground below and knocked himself unconscious.

A responding police officer attempted to cuff him while he was passed out, but Owens woke up and started thrashing.

After kicking and cursing at the arresting officer, the patrolman grabbed Owens by the cuffs and dragged him across the wet floor on his naked front.

A bystander covered him with a blanket, before police dragged him out of the store resisting and cussing.

He even managed to damage the door of the patrol car he was transported to a local hospital in, by kicking it as the officers loaded him in.

Naked swimmer crashes car on purpose in parking lot of Bass Pro Shop Leeds

Law enforcement’s quick arrival to the store seemingly prevented any harm to the employees and customers inside the Bass Pro Shop Leeds.

However, their rapid response was only possible because police had been dispatched to the scene when Owens deliberately crashed the car he was driving with his family inside of it into a pole in the parking lot.

After the crash, the suspect fled into the store, shed his clothes, and took a spectacular leap into the fish pond from the upper deck.

When police arrived on scene, the family told them that Owens was mentally ill, before they pursued him into the store.

At one point, officers managed to coax him out of the pond, but the suspect became belligerent and ignored commands, which resulted in him diving back into the water.

“He was very erratic and was saying a lot of nasty things to the officers,” Leeds Police Chief Paul Irwin told Fox News.

Following his arrest, Owens was taken to a hospital for medical evaluation and mental health assessment.

After his release from the hospital, he was booked into the St. Clair County Jail on Thursday night. He was was released from custody the next day at 4:30 pm on an unspecified bond.

Owens now faces an assortment of charges, including disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, second-degree assault, and public lewdness.

Additionally, he was charged with two counts of reckless endangerment for his reckless driving behavior with passengers in the car.

Bass Pro Shops targeted by wild criminal behavior

This is the second wild incident that has occurred at a Bass Pro Shops store in recent weeks.

One state over in Florida, a brazen thief went tarpon fishing in the company’s Fort Myers location.

A man used a net to capture the 50-pound fish from it’s habitat in the store’s pond and carried it out of the location.

Police have still been unable to locate the suspect, despite his smug, smiling face being clearly captured on a video that went viral.

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