Watch: Man Fights Off Home Intruder With Frying Pan

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Frying pan - home intruder
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A Chicago man used a frying pan to fend off a home intruder who broke into his house in broad daylight, and the entire event was caught on camera.

Home intruder flees after resident fights back

The incident took place in Logan Square on the city’s Northwest Side around 3:30 p.m. on Thursday.

Jason Williams was commuting home when his alarm system alerted him to a forced entry inside his residence.

“I came in the house, I looked if there was an available weapon… there was a frying pan laying there, so I grabbed the frying pan, and at the same time the burglar came downstairs,” Williams told ABC 7 Chicago.

“At this point, it was fight or flight, and I would rather do the fighting,” he continued.

The security footage shows Williams pursuing the intruder down a flight of steps outside of his home with the frying pan, just as Chicago police officers arrived.

The surprised suspect appears to be trying to shield his head from the offending object with his hands as he runs away.

Williams catches up when the man gets caught up by a fenced barrier and smashes the man in the arm, before the suspect manages to flee through the front gate.

Just as the burglar gets away, a police officer can be seen tagging into the chase and going after the suspect.

He apparently didn’t get very far, as Chicago police confirmed that the man was apprehended across the street.

“This could have had a different ending, and I’m glad it had a good one,” Williams told the outlet. “My wife’s not happy about the decision I made… probably wouldn’t do it again, but it is what it is.”

Home intruder meets his maker after attacking the wrong man

Meanwhile, in Commerce City, Colorado, a homeowner shot and killed an intruder after being severely beaten during a break-in.
The incident occurred around 2:45 a.m. Sunday on the 5300 block of East 64th Avenue, according to KDVR-TV.

Detective Sgt. Derek Aragon revealed that the homeowner said he was pistol-whipped by the intruder.

“He was pretty beaten up—face, whole body… He had obvious injuries,” Aragon remarked.

The victim was so seriously injured that he had to be hospitalized after running down the street to get help.

Police arrived at the residence, which was a total mess, and found the body of the suspected intruder inside the home.

The incident is currently under investigation to determine if the shooting was justified under Colorado’s “Make My Day” law, which permits the use of deadly force against intruders in specific

“As of right now, in the early stages, it’s looking that way, but we’re still trying to piece that together,” Aragon told the outlet.
Legal analyst Christopher Decker mentioned that under the Make My Day law, citizens have the right to use deadly force against those intruders who break in and are a physical threat.

“If it’s an open-and-shut case of an armed homeowner shooting an intruder, they’re probably not going to file charges against the homeowner,” Decker commented.

Nevada woman rescued during sexual assault

Further west, in Las Vegas, Nevada, a woman reported she was sexually assaulted by a man in a shed before a group of men heard her cries and fatally stabbed her attacker.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is investigating the incident, which occurred by a shopping center on Tuesday.

The assaulted woman, in her 30s, informed police that several men came to her aid during the assault.

The altercation resulted in the attacker being stabbed. He died after being transported to the University Medical Center. All the men involved fled the scene, and police are working to identify them.

“The males that came to the female’s aid, we do not know who they are at this time,” Lt. Jason Johansson told KSNV-TV.

“They left prior to our arrival. We’re taking steps right now to identify who they are so we can interview them and ascertain everything that occurred.”

One of the woman’s alleged rescuers spoke to the outlet without identifying himself. “He held her against her own will, and so that’s when we proceeded to try to force the guy out of that little shack, which he didn’t want to come out, but we all went in there and got him.”

“I thought it was my job yesterday to defend that lady and make sure that nobody like this is on the streets no more,” noting that he was unaware the attacker was stabbed.

“I didn’t know that the guy was gonna die, but it happened, you know?”

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