Houston Transgender Woman Mows Down Victim, Stabs Him To Death

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dodge challenger - houston transgender woman
Photo Credit: Ildar Sagdejev (Specious), CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

A Houston transgender woman committed a brutal murder and sealed it with an unwanted kiss.

Houston transgender woman mows down victim

Shocking footage has captured an insane crime in Houston, Texas, that has residents reeling over the blatant disregard for human life.

20-year-old Karon Fisher, who identifies as a transgender woman, was caught on camera aggressively hitting a man with a car multiple times before stabbing him repeatedly and giving him a kiss.

The victim, 64-year-old Steven Anderson, was simply walking down the street to collect his mail on May 3, when a black Dodge Challenger raced down the residential road and ran him over.

Not only did the black sports car hit Anderson at a speed that was high above the limit, Fisher then slammed the car into reverse and backed over him fast enough to move his body several feet away.

One resident rushed out to help and brought a pillow, but that’s when Fisher exited the Challenger with a knife in her hand and got on top of Anderson.

Bewilderingly, the transgender suspect planted a kiss on the man she had just violently run over, and went on to stab him nine times.<

Fisher, who was clad only in a black bra and high-rise shorts, tried to take off in another vehicle, but was reportedly unable to steal it, and fled on foot after hopping over Anderson’s body.

Neighbors watched the brutal murder without intervening, simply recording with their phones as Anderson was attacked.

“Broad daylight. People around every time and it happened right under our noses,” one shocked neighbor told ABC13.

“It’s very disturbing. I have kids here; they could have been out here playing, and imagine them,” another resident remarked.

At least eyewitnesses didn’t waste a moment to dial 911 after seeing Anderson be run over twice and subsequently attacked in the middle of the day.

When they arrived at the crime scene, police officers discovered Anderson’s lifeless body in a driveway, where he was declared dead at the scene.

Houston police were able to catch up with and arrest Fisher, who now faces charges that include murder and evading arrest with vehicle.

The same day as the alleged murder, Fisher reportedly assaulted a hospital staff member, which she was also charged with.

Houston transgender suspect has a wrap sheet

The suspect already had a criminal history prior to the attack on Anderson. Fisher was arrested and charged with prostitution in 2021, but the case was reportedly dismissed.

In 2023, she was also charged with evading arrest, and was on court supervision at the time of Anderson’s slaying.

Houston police, in a statement, revealed, “Officers responded to a call for service for an individual who failed to stop and render aid to another person outside a residence.”

“Officers learned the victim was found unresponsive in the driveway. He had suffered multiple stab wounds and was pronounced deceased,” the statement continued.

The police said that witnesses pointed them in Fisher’s direction, which was a “nearby location.”

“Fisher was detained and questioned by detectives,” the statement concluded. “She was subsequently charged and taken to the Harris County Jail.”

Fisher is being held in the correctional facility on $2 million bond and will appear in court on May 24.

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