Migrant Criminal Used A Translation App During Bank Robbery

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Chicago bank robbery
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A bumbling Venezuelan national attempted carry out a bank robbery in Ohio while using a translation app to demand cash.

What’s the translation for “this is a bank robbery?”

20-year-old Yeixon Brito-Gonzalez was behaving suspiciously when he entered an undisclosed bank in Sandusky, Ohio, at around 11:30 a.m. on April 4.

The police actually were called to the scene before Brito-Gonzalez even tried anything, because he was acting oddly while he loitered in the bank’s lobby.

The bank employee who made an emergency call clearly had good instincts, because the young migrant was there to rob the bank.

In surveillance footage from the bank, Brito-Gonzalez could be seen holding up his phone to show the tellers that he couldn’t speak English, but the situation quickly turned from customer service related to dangerous when the app displayed concerning messages.

His phone screen read: “get the money” and “put the money in the bag,” as he showed tellers a white garbage bag he was holding.

Brito-Gonzalez was apparently not armed, and easy to dissuade, so when the bank staff refused to hand over the cash, he simply left the building.

He apparently wasn’t hard to find, as law enforcement managed to apprehend Brito-Gonzalez and had an officer fluent in Spanish read him his rights in his mother tongue during the arrest.

Suspect says it wasn’t actually a bank robbery

Brito-Gonzalez tried to argue that he was actually robbing the bank, claiming his request was simply for the bank employees to place money into his bag.

However, cops recovered both the white garbage bag and the translation application from his mobile device during his arrest.

Despite his excuses, Brito-Gonzalez is now facing legal consequences for attempted robbery, a fourth-degree, alongside lesser crimes of attempted theft and trespassing.

Sandusky Police Chief Jared Oliver told Fox 8 that said he’s never seen a crime like it in his 20 years on the force.

“The first time I encountered something like this, someone using a translator app to try and rob a bank,” Oliver remarked. “First time our officers have dealt with it too.”

Oliver also suggested that Brito-Gonzalez potentially being an illegal immigrant is supported by subsequent developments.

His department is also in a unique situation, as they’re unsure if the suspect is a legally in the United States or not, as he had not form of identification on him.

“Customs and border control imposing a restriction on him has been brought to my notice,” he remarked.

Oliver told reporters that customs and border control has put a hold on Brito-Gonzalez while he is being detained at Erie County Jail.

Meanwhile, in California, a teenage migrant was taken into custody for the murder and dismemberment of a young man.

Migrant teen commits gruesome murder

The Fresno County Sheriff’s Office arrested an unidentified 18-year-old for the brutal death of 20-year-old Fraylee Hernandez.

Hernandez’s mutilated remains were found were discovered inside a vehicle parked in an orchard near Mendota, California on Jan. 17.

Hernandez reportedly knew the teen accused of killing him, which police believe happened eleven days before the body was discovered.

Prior to the grisly crime, the teenager police took into custody had a rap sheet and was on probation for assaulting their own mother.

Given the age of the suspect at the time of the crime which was 17-years-old, their identity remains undisclosed due to the juvenile justice system’s policies.

The undocumented immigrant from El Salvador turned eighteen by the time police took them into custody, and the case may be bounced to adult justice system.

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