Florida Man Arrested And Beat Up For Taunting Girl With Down Syndrome

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Disney world - Florida man arrested
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A Florida man was arrested after making fun of a child with Down Syndrome while he was drunk at Disney World.

Florida man arrested at Disney World

Brent George, 61, was allegedly sloshed on three shots of bourbon, when he went up to a table of four diners at the Belle Vue Lounge, which is located inside of Disney’s Boardwalk Inn, and began mocking a girl with Down Syndrome.

According to the New York Post, the girl’s mother got in George’s face and asked if he was making fun of her child.

George purportedly shoved the woman twice, before her daughter-in-law attempted to mediate and was slapped in the face by the suspect for her troubles.

When the disabled child’s father got involved, George punched him in the neck, but caught a punch to the face in return.

A bystander became involved at that point and bear hugged George in an attempt to get him out of the restaurant and away from the fuming family.

When police arrive on scene, George claimed that he had been “struck by a glass cup” during the scuffle and had cuts on his face to back the claim.

According to the suspect, he was drinking at the bar with his wife and two friends, before he approached the family, who he said he was having a “good time” with prior to the assault.

Despite starting the conflict and fight, George attempted to press charges against the family, but was instead arrested himself and charged with four counts of battery.

He was taken to Orange County Jail and spent the night before being bonded out for $4,000 the next day.

Florida man arrested for assaulting neighbor

In another case of a Floridian behaving criminally reprehensibly towards a disabled person, a man was caught on tape attacking his wheelchair using neighbor.

Mohammed Haji, 41, broke into Nazvie Briones, 43, home in Miami Gardens at the beginning of the month, and was seen on the victim’s Ring camera destroying her home.

Briones was laying in bed when Haji broke into her home and began to bash her property up with a stick.

When the victim came out of her room in a an electric wheelchair and screamed at him to “get the f**k out of ” her house.

That’s when Haji grabbed her chair and broke the arm. He also grabbed the phone from her hand and threw it out the window.

She grabbed a ring light as a prop to defend herself, but Haji tore it out of her hands, beat her with it, and punched her in the face.

He eventually left her home, but not without letting her Briones’ beloved French bulldog, Jonah, escaped during the chaos.

The dog has yet to be found and Briones begged good sanitarians to help find and return him safely home.

“He is the light of my life, what gives me every day a fighting chance,” she said about Jonah.

“Please have it in your heart to bring him home safely. I beg you. And I just want justice, so one day nobody else has to suffer what I suffer.”

Haji was taken into custody by police, who he tried to attack while they arrested him. He was charged with home invasion and robbery with aggravated battery.

It’s not the first time that Haji has been criminally violent. In 2019, he was arrested for trying to cut a Walmart employee with scissors, and pleaded guilty to a lesser sentence.

Briones is still shaken from the incident, which was caused by her own neighbor.

“The terror that happened in this home forever changed my home, my life, my everything,” she told NBC6.

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