Playboy Model Arrested For Trying To Bribe Homeland Security Agent

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Playboy model
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A Playboy model was charged with attempting to pay off a federal agent to get her boyfriend released from prison.

Playboy model’s scheme lands her behind bars

Playboy’s Shannon Teresa Marie Schwartz allegedly tried to bribe a Homeland Security Investigations special agent to talk a federal judge into releasing her boyfriend on bail.

Currently, Schwartz’s beau, Billy Wilhelm Huntzinger is awaiting trial in Honolulu’s Federal Detention Center on drug and gun charges.

Huntzinger was arrested in January when Honolulu police were alerted after he was spotted knocking on a door with a gun in his belt.

Police raided his home and found 115 grams of what is suspected to be crystal meth and five grams of cocaine, all worth around $5,000.

They also found an AR-15-style “ghost gun,” which had no manufacturer name or serial number on it, along with over 200 rounds of ammunition. Documents show that 136 of the rounds were loaded into five magazines.

Huntzinger is a career criminal who has previously served hard time for drug possession and assault.

He was sentenced to five-years in jail for assaulting a police officer and released on March 6, 2016. Less than two months later, he was arrested for selling drugs and possessing illegal firearms.

Now that he’s back in trouble again for the same cycle of criminal behavior, Huntzinger has Schwartz in his corner, who enacted an ill-advised scheme to get her man out of jail.

The unnamed HSI special agent reported to the court that he had received “numerous missed calls, text messages and voicemails from Schwartz” on Feb. 21.

The model said that she had been referred over to him by a “high-profile inmate” to help her “handle a situation.”

The situation was convincing a fedral judge to spring Huntzinger on bail, rather than keeping him behind bars until his trial.

Schwartz asked to meet with the agent so he would be able to “see she was serious and could pay him.”

She reportedly sent him a text that read: “I can help with whatever you need $ not sure what your services cost …”

Playboy model picked the wrong man

Unfortunately for the Playboy bunny, her inmate contact sent her to an agent who was not on the take, and he reported the interaction to his supervisors the same day.

HSA and the U.S. attorney’s office immediately opened an investigation, and Schwartz basically gift wrapped it for them when she left a voicemail indicating that she would do anything that needed to be done, “monetary or whatever,” to get her bad boy beau out of lock up.

When the agent told her he couldn’t help, Schwartz insisted that he should “Google” her to prove that she was “just a model” and not a law enforcement agent trying to set him up.

The agent told her that what she was asking could get him fired, and Schwartz responded that she could make it worth his while.

Believing that she had worn the agent down, he convinced her to meet in person at a Starbucks on March 5.

She offered him $5,000 and agreed to make a “good faith” payment of half the money up front. The rest would reportedly be paid after Huntzinger got out of jail.

Two days later, she met the agent at an airport and handed him “a white paper bag containing a sandwich, Rice Krispie-type treat, and a yellow fountain soda cup that contained 25 $100 bills for a total of $2, 500.”

At the time, she indicated that there was more where that came from if the agent could make sure that her boyfriend didn’t do any prison time.

The Playboy model was arrested on March 18, but managed to get out on bail by paying a $25,000 unsecured bond.

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