Ex-Georgia Police Officer Indicted For Leaving Sibling Off Murder Suspect List

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A former Georgia police officer was indicted by a grand jury and found himself in handcuffs when he was arrested for failing to investigate a murder his half-brother allegedly committed.

Ex-police officer indicted for tampering with homicide investigation

Javarreis Reid, 25, was found dead in the street after being shot multiple times in Griffin, Georgia, in May of 2021.

Sergeant D’Marquivius Jamon “D.J.” King was the investigator who was sent to the crime scene, but upon figuring out that his half-brother, Damon Beck, may have been involved in the murder, he left him off of the suspect list.

King did not disclose that he had a potential conflict of interest when he was investigating the case, but the cover-up was eventually exposed when all roads led to Beck.

The then sergeant was written up by the department for going against his oath to “not to give false or misleading information.”

However, he was placed on administrative leave in April of last year, just after Beck was charged with aggravated assault and the murder Reid.

King resigned from the police department six months later, but was indicted by a Spalding County grand jury last week for his actions, or lack there of, during the homicide investigation.

Former police officer indicted for hampering murder investigation is looking at hard time

He was charged with one felony count of failing to uphold his oath of office, which carries a up to a five-year prison sentence.

King turned himself into law enforcement and was taken into custody at Spalding County jail, where he remains on a $750,000 bond.

Another cop who couldn’t keep from breaking the law was fired a day after he graduated the police academy.

Former Major League Baseball pitcher Chasen Bradford, 34, who turned to a career in law enforcement after retiring from the sport, was fired from the Henderson Police Department for getting caught driving under the influence.

Bradford put six-months into training to be a cop in Las Vegas, only for his new career to go up in smoke when he was pulled over and arrested on a DUI on March 21.

His gray Ford pickup truck was seen driving erratically after 10 pm last Friday, which prompted a concerned citizen to call 911.

Bradford reportedly drove up on a curb and hit multiple medians as he was “swerving all over the road” in his department’s jurisdiction.

He was pulled over by a Henderson police officer, who could smell an “aroma of an unknown alcoholic beverage coming from within the vehicle,” when Bradford rolled down the window.

The former Seattle Mariner failed a field sobriety test and blew a .104 percent on a breath test, which is significantly higher that Nevada’s .08 percent legal limit.

Bradford was taken into custody, but bonded out for $2,000 the next day. His court date is set for April 22, but he didn’t have to wait that long to get his pink slip from the department.

The same day he was released from jail, Police Chief Hollie Chadwick had already written a letter acknowledging his firing.

“Driving Under the Influences poses serious risks to our community and the Henderson Police Department will have zero tolerance for this behavior,” Chadwick penned in the dismissal.

“Our valley cannot afford to lose further lives due to the actions of our motorists, this includes members of the Henderson Police Department.”

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