Woman Shoots Kidnapper After Being Drugged And Abducted

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Woman shoots gun
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In a stunning act of life-saving bravery, a Texas woman shoots the man trying to kidnapper after drugging and abducting her.

Texas woman shoots kidnapper

At approximately 12:42 PM on the 15th of March, first responders were alerted to a distress call made by a 45-year-old woman from Montgomery.

The woman reported that she had shot her alleged attacker after he drugged and then abducted her in his car.

Initially, the deputies were uncertain of the woman’s location, but she was found later near a local winery.

“A deputy arrived at the location and observed the vehicle in question as it was sitting in the outside lane of westbound traffic,” the Gillespie County Sheriff’s office said in a statement.

“The deputy observed a male in the front-seat area who appeared deceased and was confirmed deceased by emergency services personnel.”

Oklahoma woman shoots home invader

In a similar incident, an Oklahoma woman was forced to fatally shoot someone attempting to forcibly enter her home at the beginning of the year.

According to Bartlesville Police, they were alerted to the incident through a 911 call from the woman, reporting a man attempting to break into her residence. Shortly after, she informed them that she had shot and killed the intruder.

Police confirmed the suspect’s death, mentioning only that he was 23 years old. The woman said that the intruder was a total stranger to her before the incident.

In an interview with KOTV-TV, Captain Daniel Elkins of the Bartlesville Police pointed out that the state’s law permits homeowners to defend themselves with deadly force when faced with an imminent threat of a home invasion.

“It’s very unfortunate, and we’re glad no one else was hurt in the process,” he told the outlet. “The homeowner felt like they had to do what was necessary, and that’s ultimately their choice.”

Ohio woman shoots alleged carjacker

In another violence induced shooting, a Kentucky woman took a shot at a suspected carjacker after tracking her stolen vehicle with a phone app.

The woman initially filed a theft report for the Ford Fusion in Ohio, but tracked the car across state lines on her phone.

She and her boyfriend found the car at a gas station and attempted to get the car back.

They got into a verbal altercation with the alleged car thief, and when suspect tried to drive off, the boyfriend hopped into the passenger seat of the car.

That’s when the woman shot at the alleged carjacker “in defense of her boyfriend’s life,” which reportedly caused the car to ram into a red pickup truck parked nearby at the local Kroger.

Following the incident, the injured man was rushed to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center for medical attention to treat the wound, which was not considered life-threatening.

While no immediate arrests have taken place. The matter is set to be reviewed by the Kenton County Grand Jury.

The Fort Mitchell Police Department scolded the couple for how they handled the situation.

“The appropriate response would be to call police and let us handle it,” FMPD Chief Rob Nader remarked.

“No one’s life is worth a Ford Fusion, so let the professionals recover the car to minimize the risk of anyone being injured or killed.”

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