Psychotic Son Stakes ‘Vampire Mom’ To Death

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Vampire Mom
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An Oregon man drove a wooden stake through the what he believed to be his vampire mom’s throat.

Man kills “vampire mom” with gardening tool

A 56-year-old man, convinced his elderly mother was a blood-sucking vampire, has been detained following her tragic death by staking.

On March 12, the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office received a chilling call from Robert Bruce Poe, confessing to the ‘accidental’ killing of his mother, Judy D Poe, who was 79 at the time of her death.

Responding swiftly, the authorities reached his residence on East Logsden Road, in the town of Siletz, to discover Poe with bloodstained hands and clothing, clutching a purse and a letter belonging to his mother.

However, her remains were nowhere within the immediate vicinity. It wasn’t until later that Judy’s lifeless body was discovered, lying roughly 250 yards from the home, close to a gold-colored 2004 Chrysler PT Cruiser.

Approaching the scene, deputies encountered a grisly sight – a huge cylindrical stake, seemingly the fragmented end of a gardening implement, jutting menacingly from her neck, as per the affidavit.

Elderly “vampire mom” dies at son’s hand

According to law enforcement, Judy succumbed to injuries resulting from a powerful strike to her head, not the stake that was driven into her neck.

After his arrest, Poe now faces allegations for murder in the second degree as well as illegal wielding a weapon.

During interrogation, Poe insisted that his late mother was demonic vampire.

He claimed that she would prick him in the darkness, leading him to awaken to the sight of bloodstained linens, as reported by the officials.

Currently, Poe is being held without the possibility of release, with a scheduled court hearing on the 20th of March.

Poe has found himself entangled with the law on multiple occasions for various offenses, including methamphetamine possession, theft, driving under the influence, harassment, as well as operating a vehicle without insurance.

Unfortunately, psychotic adult children murdering their parents has become more commonplace recently.

Man beheads “traitor” federal employee father

Fox News Digital reported that a man accused of his father’s brutal murder traveled to a National Guard camp with intentions to rally his own private army against the federal government.

Charged with the premeditated slaying and desecration of a corpse is 32-year-old Justin Mohn, who is said to have brandished his father’s severed head in a YouTube broadcast.

In the 14-minute footage, Mohn called for “American patriots” to arm themselves and “kill federal employees.”

Mohn declared himself as the supreme leader of a fictional widespread militia organization named “Mohn’s Militia.”

During his declaration, he issued a command to militia affiliates to capture and coerce federal law enforcement officers for unspecified intelligence before killing them, the report states.

In the footage, Mohn disparaged the current presidential administration and the ongoing border situation.

He went on to proclaim himself as the interim president of the United States, and  accused his father, Michael Mohn, of treason, claiming that he is suffering in hell as a consequence.

Mohn then presented a plastic bag which seemed to contain a head and stated that the nation was “rotting from the inside out.”

Mohn also bemoaned fiscal policies, arguing that taxpayer money is being squandered with scant oversight, leading to an economy on the brink of collapse and putting the American dream out of reach for most.

The alleged killer also cautioned about the threat posed by unauthorized migrants infiltrating the nation’s borders.

Mohn has been detained indefinitely as he awaits trial.

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