Army Intelligence Analyst Arrested For Selling Military Secrets To China

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Top secret Military intelligence specialist
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An Army intelligence analyst has been arrested for a year-long scheme involving the sale of classified military documents to China.

Army intelligence analyst sold secret docs to Chinese

Sergeant Korbein Schultz, 24, an active-duty soldier from Willis Point, Texas, faces a litany of charges, including conspiracy and bribery, after allegedly leveraging his top-secret security clearance to procure sensitive U.S. government records.

According to CBS News, Schultz purportedly amassed $42,000 by downloading and disseminating classified information at the behest of an unnamed individual based in Hong Kong while stationed with the 506th Infantry Battalion.

Although the indictment refrains from directly implicating the Chinese government, many of the military documents Schultz is accused of sharing pertain to China, an indictment, which was unsealed the same day of his arrest on Thursday alleges.

Prosecutors assert that Schultz and his co-conspirator started collaborating in June 2022, primarily communicating through encrypted messaging platforms.

Their clandestine partnership allegedly focused on transmitting “exclusive” data related to various U.S. military systems and their capabilities, alongside insights into global geopolitical affairs, including Russia’s conflict in Ukraine.

Army intelligence analyst sold military documents for cash

Court documents paint a picture of an extensive exchange spanning several months, during which Schultz dutifully supplied his handler with requested documents, selling them for hefty sums.

Monetary gain appeared to be Schultz’s primary motivator, as evidenced by his desire to regain ownership of a luxury car and his likening of himself to the fictional spy Jason Bourne, who was portrayed by actor Matt Damon in the “Bourne Identity” franchise.

In August 2023, Schultz reportedly discussed recent arrests of U.S. Navy sailors involved in similar activities with his Chinese handler, prompting cautionary advice from his co-conspirators.

Later that year, the handler allegedly solicited Schultz’s services for 2024, suggesting a continued collaboration going forward.

Military intelligence specialist responsible for worst security leak in decades

These charges come on the heels of a similar situation involving Massachusetts Air National Guardsman Jack Texeira, who recently pleaded guilty to illegally disseminating classified military records online.

22-year-old Texeira admitted to six counts of willful retention and transmission of national defense information on Monday.

His plea deal includes a 16-year jail term, with prosecutors agreeing not to pursue further charges under the Espionage Act in exchange for the return of all sensitive material he still has.

Texeira must also sit down with the Justice Department and the Defense Department as part of his plea deal.

The Air Force National Guardsman was stationed at the Otis Air National Guard Base in Massachusetts, where he was able to obtain top secret documents while serving in the 102nd Intelligence Wing as a cyber transport systems specialist.

Authorities believe that Texeria was motivated by internet clout, rather than cash, as he enthusiastically shared military secrets on online gaming platform Discord to a group that he presided over.

Initially, he reportedly transcribed the Top Secret documents, but eventually advanced to sharing digital images of the files.

According to prosecutors, he was caught multiple times writing notes about classified documents and digging into information that wasn’t related to his position.

Texeria was bold enough to ignore his superior’s warnings about mishandling top secret documents that he was not allowed access to, but continued to share them in his Thug Shaker Central, until a bombshell New York Times article about the documents he leaked led to his downfall last April.

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