Wife Cuts Off Penis Of Cheating Husband And Flushes It Down The Toilet

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penis cut off
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A woman took matters into her own hands and cut off her husband’s penis after he was caught cheating on her with a family member.

An unidentified Brazilian woman is behind bars after turning herself into local law enforcement after dismembering her husband’s member.

Cheating husband gets his penis cut off by wife

The man’s disgruntled wife, 34, reportedly found out that her hubby had sex with her 15-year-old niece and plotted her revenge.

According to the Daily Mail, the woman seduced her wayward husband, 39, into bed, where he allowed her to tie his hands and legs to the posts.

That’s when she broke out a razor blade and chopped off his penis. Oddly, she then took a snap of the severed organ.

To add insult to grave injury, she flushed the offending member down the toilet, because she “heard that it was possible to reattach it.”

Brazilian woman who cut off penis of cheating husband faces the music

After the assault, her brother accompanied her to a local police station in Atibaia, just outside of Sao Paulo, Brazil, where she turned herself in on Dec. 22.

“Good evening, officer, I came to introduce myself, because I just cut off my husband’s penis,” she reportedly told them.

The woman was charged with attempted murder, as her husband managed to not bleed out by the time police found him tied to the bed in their home.

Police are currently investigating if the encounter he had with the niece was consensual, as the age of consent in the country is only 14.

Brazilian woman lights maybe cheating husband on fire

Brazilian husbands should clearly be weary of upsetting their wives, as another man met a fiery death over his wife’s alleged jealousy.

While details of what 50-year-old André Chapeta had done to inflame his wife’s rage in early December are vague, whatever happened between them led to her setting him ablaze in broad daylight.

Chapeta’s wife, Ana María Paixaõ, saw him sitting at a table in the fish market they own, then doused him with some kind of accelerant and lit him on fire.

The horrifying incident was caught on surveillance footage and he was seen running into the market’s stockroom in an attempt to escape while on fire.

Potentially cheating husband dies after being set ablaze by Brazilian woman

Chapeta made it to a local hospital, where he suffered burns on 92% of his body, then ultimately succumbed to his injuries days later.

Paixaõ told police that her actions were a response to domestic violence, but Civil Police chief Flávio Ferreira thinks the crime was an act of jealousy.

“What she says is not what the image shows. The image shows the victim sitting in a chair,”Ferreira said about the video footage. “She arrives, coldly, throws the liquid and sets him on fire.”

“She was not at that moment in a vulnerable situation, she was not in a situation in which she would be imminently attacked,” he noted.

“On the contrary, as I said, he was sitting and posed no risk to her physical integrity at that moment.”

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