Local Butcher At Queens Market Fights Off Homeless Man Attacking Special Needs Coworker

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A badass NYC butcher saved his autistic coworker from a homeless career criminal on Friday.

Ray Wilkins, 49, had just finished his shift at a grocery store in Queens and was about to screech away on his moped, when he noticed a man running towards his special needs coworker through the parking lot.

Initially, Wilkins assumed that the attacker knew the coworker and was running up to him out of excitement.

His perception changed dramatically when he witnessed the assailant throwing the first punch, then repeatedly striking the victim in the face.

Local butcher at Queens market fends off homeless man attacking Autistic coworker

Wilkins abandoned his moped and intervened, physically grabbing the man an shoving him away from his shocked coworker.

He said the violent act came totally out of nowhere. “He didn’t say nothing, he just ran right up and started punching him,” Wilkins told the New York Post.

Wilkins immediately tried calling 911, but the man turned his rage on him, which resulted in the butcher getting into a brawl with him.

During the altercation, the man threatened Wilkins multiple times, uttering intimidating phrases such as “Do you want this smoke?”

He also reached towards his pants, insinuating possession of a weapon in an attempt to intimidate Wilkins into retreating.

The man, who police later identified as 23-year-old Jack Crumbley hit Wilkins in the face twice, but tried to flee when the butcher struck back.

Homeless man attempts to flee after fighting local butcher at Queens market

But after coming to blows, Wilkins wasn’t about to let Crumbley, who had reportedly shoplifted from their employer earlier in the day, to escape without facing justice.

“I was not going to let him get away with assaulting me and my coworker. There’s no way I was going to let that happen,” he said.

Wilkins pursued Crumbley down the street, hopping a fence during the foot chase while he was on the phone with emergency services.

Luckily, he was able to chase the suspect right towards a local police precinct, where he yelled for officers to help him.

“I was screaming. ‘Hey stop that guy. He just assaulted someone at my workplace and he assaulted me,’” he told the Post.

Once apprehended, Crumbley was arrested on charges of robbery at the Queens store he shoplifted from and assaulting the pair of grocery store employees.

Law enforcement sources revealed that the attack wasn’t Crumbley’s first encounter with the law, not even close.

The 23-year-old had an extensive violent criminal history, with over 20 previous arrests.

He currently has an outstanding bench warrant for allegedly assaulting a local bus driver in the same neighborhood in September 2022.

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